Did ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Just Find Their Susan Boyle? Meet Golden Buzzer Jeanick Fournier

Corey Cesare
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Canada’s Got Talent host Lindsay Ell awarded her golden buzzer to the Celine Dion inspired singer, Jeanick Fournier. Ahead of the series this 49 year old singer had only performed leisurely for family and at piano bars. Fans think that this Canada’s Got Talent singer will follow in the footsteps of Britain’s Got Talent icon Susan Boyle.

49 year old Jeanick Fournier took the Canada’s Got Talent stage with poise and definitely did not disappoint. This Chicoutimi, Quebec native began singing at seven years old in church and has continued into her adult life. She began performing songs for her family as a child using a hairbrush as a microphone.

Jeanick currently works as a palliative care attendant. During her day job, she provides end of life care and support to patients suffering from terminal illnesses. The Canada’s Got Talent crowd applauded her for her career choice.

A Palliative Care Attendant Stuns With Celine Dion Cover

Before beginning her song, Jeanick shared that she has two children that have both been diagnosed with down’s syndrome. If she wins the entire show she hopes to create a better life for her two children.

As soon as Jeanick began singing “I Surrender” by Celine Dion, you could hear a pin drop in the arena. Her voice is extremely similar to the original artist. Her vocals are silky smooth throughout the entire song. Right after her song concluded, host Lindsay Ell jumped around the side stage saying she loves the singer.

The judges gave great reviews to the singer, saying that she’s the type of singer that this series was looking for. It was clear something special was on the rise when Ell came on stage and hugged Jeanick. The host then walked down the stairs to the judging panel. She expressed that Jeanick made all of Canada smile with her performance.

Fans compare Jeanick Fournier to BGT‘s Susan Boyle

Canada’s Got Talent viewers were just as impressed as the judges when it came to the Chicoutimi, Quebec native’s voice. The comments of her audition YouTube video is flooded with support for the singer. Some fans have compared her to the Britain’s Got Talent icon Susan Boyle.

“She’s definitely Canada’s own version of that iconic Susan Boyle moment. Her audition here is spectacular and I’m only hoping she doesn’t make the wrong song choice for her next performance,” one fan wrote. “I’ve seen so many great singers who slay their audition but make really bad song choices later…so I hope she doesn’t.”

Fans are shocked that Jeanick hadn’t been discovered ahead of the series as a whole. In a backstage interview, the singer expressed her appreciation for the Golden Buzzer. She thinks that her story, voice, and ambitions led to this moment and urges other talented people to follow their dreams.

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