The X Factor UK

‘The X Factor UK’ Judges On Working Together

Sometimes on these talent competitions, (and The X Factor is certainly no exception), the judges disagree, argue, or even get nasty with each other. But with The X Factor, at least, they seem to have genuine affection and respect for their fellow judges.

In this video released in anticipation of The X Factor UK‘s triumphant return this weekend, the judges discuss each other. Usually, these four are talking about the contestants and who they are rooting for one their own teams. But this time they are saying how they really feel about each other. Simon praises Sharon Osbourne as one of the savviest people he’s ever worked with. It’s not surprising seeing as she’s been in the entertainment business for fifty years. She returns the complement by saying that no one knows what the audience wants more than Simon Cowell. Given his success on these talent shows over the last twenty years it’s hard to argue with that. Nicole says that Louis Walsh is a real legend in the industry and is one of the great managers of all time and Louis thinks Nicole Scherzinger is the real deal pop star extraordinaire.

It’s nice to hear the judges singing each other’s praises. It gives me a warm feeling inside. It’s not like on America’s Got Talent where I legitimately think Mel B dislikes Simon. That or she’s a great actress. She was great in Spice World.