‘The X Factor UK’ Final Was Astounding

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I hope you’ve been watching all season of The X Factor UK because it’s been spectacular. But it’s all come down to this. Dalton Harris, Scarlett Lee, and Anthony Russell battled it out for the win. Let’s go over The X Factor UK Final and who Talent Recap thinks will win.

Anthony Russell

I love this guy. Not only because of his amazing story with his comeback and all, I just love his voice. He’s like a scrapper from the streets that learned how to shred as a singer. He sang Let It Be by The Beatles, which is a great song for him. This wasn’t his greatest performance, but it was still pretty terrific. Then he did a fantastic duet with Tom Walker of Leave The Light On. The X Factor is trying to win the Christmas #1 by pairing them with established singers. You know, like in Love, Actually.

Dalton Harris

He’s our prediction for the win. This guy’s voice is like butter spread over a scone, (it is in England, after all). He started off singing A Song For You. It was, of course, perfect. I just don’t see how he can lose. It seems incredibly unlikely that it’s not going that way. He then sang Emeli Sande duet on Beneath Your Beautiful. Again, flawless.

Scarlett Lee

Scarlett is great and she got a special boost, in my opinion. Though the show is clearly setting up Dalton to win, they want Scarlett to do well too. That’s why they gave her Your Song by Elton John, which is so perfect for her. Then they paired her WITH ONE OF THE FRIGGIN JUDGES for the duet. Namely, Robbie Williams. They sing Robbie’s classic Angels. It was out of control good.

So, who will win? Dalton. I’m fairly certain. I could be wrong, I have been wrong before…but according to our research and charts and science Dalton is way ahead. We’ll find out soon.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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