The Weirdest Auditions That Got 4 Yeses on ‘Got Talent’

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Don’t lie — Got Talent auditions are never complete without strange yet amusing acts. Perhaps these performances do make the entire competition extraordinary.

In years of letting AGT, BGT, and FGT take in charge of their country’s entertainment, the public has certainly witnessed the wildest and most bizarre acts ever. Let’s stroll down the memory lane and summon the weirdest auditions that surprisingly got 4 yeses from the judges of Got Talent.

Weird Acts That Got 4 Yeses on Got Talent

1. Brent Ray Fraser

Painting is definitely an amazing skill to showcase in a well-acclaimed talent competition. However, to watch a painter ditch a paintbrush and instead use his private parts to create a portrait is unbelievably crazy. Brent Ray Fraser is the naked Canadian painter who shocked France during his auditions in France’s Got Talent. Without disclaimer, he undressed himself on stage and held his canvas to paint using his genital.

2. Keith Apicary

The strange and funny wiggles that Keith Apicary did on America’s Got Talent made both judges and audience die of laughter. Apicary danced to “Cutie Cutie” by Fusq and even got people nervous through his scripted falling-off-the-stage act in the end. His confident and comedic dance moves helped him got the big 4 yeses from Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel.

3. Men With Pans

Two men dressed a French chefs to entertain the audience with the novelty of strategically placing their pans over their genitals. After introducing themselves, Men with Pans returned on stage with only chef hats and shoes on. As they move their pans back and forth, the hysterical laughs of the audience are almost unstoppable.

4. Tape Face

Who could forget Tape Face? His comedy act was unique, to say the least. His audition dwelt on two oven mittens with button eyes, syncing to “Endless Love” by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie. Furthermore, him wearing a half red dress as touched himself lovingly to Chris de Burgh’s “Lady in Red” was such a joy to watch.

5. Teletubbies

Teletubbies auditioning in Britain’s Got Talent gave us major childhood nostalgia. The four performers composed of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po reunited with judge Simon Cowell who apparently gave them a record deal decades ago. Teletubbies jazzed up to music hits created by Beyoncé, ABBA and One Direction. For a moment, the crowd inside the auditorium got the chance to become kids again.

6. John Glenn High School Dance Team

A high-kick dance routine could be too common for a national talent competition. However, if the whole group is dressed like judge Howie Mandel and dancing to Pitbull’s “Fireball,” then it’s something hard to resist. John Glenn High School Dance Team took the risk in bald caps and glasses to copy the judge’s style. Their dance was perfectly synchronized to the Pitbull music.

7. Special Head

Special Head completely blew the audience when he attempted to defy gravity and levitate. With only one hand holding his cane, he managed to create an illusion that he is rising into the air. The slow buildup of his performance urged Howard Stern to press his red buzzer, but Special Head’s talent was outstanding in the end. Stern took his “X” back.

8. Accordion Hans

Accordion Hans sang “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner while dancing and playing the accordion. His lively personality has probably played a part in his successful audition. This German superstar ended his performance with a split between two chairs, ultimately captivating the crowd.

9. Mr. Uekusa

Apparently, Men with Pans is not the only naked act that the world has seen in Got Talent. Mr. Uekusa is a novelty stripper who made an effort to keep a drink intact as he pulled a sheet off his face, chest, and genital where is placed. His performance left the audience dying of laughter.

10. The Professional Regurgitator

It’s been countless years since this audition and we’re still wondering how was he able to swallow all these things. The professional Regurgitator’s audition consisted of ingesting four coins, a light bulb, a glass of water, and powdered sugar. He effortlessly released all of these things right after.

11. Ranger Chris R

It was a breaking news when Ronnie The T-Rex, Nancy The Raptor, Spike The Spinosaurus and Trudy a baby Trudon invaded Britain’s Got Talent. Ranger Chris Roberts brought his dinosaurs to the show and performed a dance routine to a music medley of “Gangnam Style” by P.S.Y, “Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper, and “Walk The Dinosaur” by Was Not Was.

12. Sada Vidoo

This act did not come from Got Talent auditions, but who doesn’t remember the living doll by the name Sada Vidoo? The judges were obviously weirded out upon seeing her. Nonetheless, she managed to defy misconceptions when she sang “Love is a Battlefield.” She performed this track with distinct voices and this led her to getting accepted to the next round of The X Factor UK.

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