The Voice Winner Is Brynn Cartelli


So, it’s all come down to tonight. Last night the final four, (Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker, Brynn Cartelli, and Britton Buchanan), gave it their all in the hope that one of them would win The Voice. But there could be only one winner. The Voice winner is Brynn Cartelli.

The show kicked off with Britton and some eliminated favorites like Wilkes and Jackie Foster singing Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight, which was awesome. Spensha performed an energetic country tune with Kane Brown and hopefully Blake is right that she’s the future of country music. I might actually listen to it then. We also saw last year’s winner Chloe Kohanski premiere her new song Come This Far. It was epic as only Chloe can be epic. Then Brynn sang with Julia Michaels and showed that she is a talent beyond her years. Britton performed to be To Be Without You with Ryan Adams and it was maybe my favorite performance of the night. Kyla teamed up with her buddy and Voice coach Jennifer Hudson for a diva-off. Fan-damn-tastic.

But only one can win. First to go was Spensha Baker. It’s a damn shame but I can’t say as I’m surprised, she’s too unconventional a country star for America. Next was Kyla Jade which is BS. Like serious BS. She belonged in the top 2. But, as Mel and I predicted weeks ago, it all came down to Britton and Brynn.

But The Voice winner is Brynn Cartelli…just like Mel and I said.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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