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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Ken Jeong Says “I’m Done” After Rudy Giuliani is Finally Revealed


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The Masked Singer Season 7 returned on Wednesday night, and we finally got to see the highly anticipated Rudy Giuliani unmasking, as the show introduced the final group of singers. Giuliani was revealed to be Jack in the Box, which didn’t go over well with judge Ken Jeong.

‘The Masked Singer’ Jack in the Box Unmasked as Rudy Giuliani

Jack in the Box was introduced as a member of Team Bad. He popped out of a box and sang “Bad to the Bone,” delivering what was undoubtedly the worst performance of the night. During judging, he said he gets “put in a box a lot.”


Jack in the Box received the least amount of votes and had to unmask at the end of the episode. Guesses from the judges included Joe Pesci, Robert Duvall, Elon Musk, and Al Roker. It turned out to be Rudy Giuliani, shocking the judges and audience.

At first, Nicole Scherzinger wasn’t sure who it was, and she asked Ken Jeong if it was Duvall. Jeong responded that it was “not Robert Duvall,” looking unamused. The judge stood with his arms crossed as Giuliani spoke about wanting to show his granddaughter that it’s good to “try everything.”

When it came time for Giuliani to give his farewell performance, Jeong said, “I’m done.” He proceeded to walk off stage. Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy could be seen dancing along to the song. It was reported that Robin Thicke walked off after Jeong, but that wasn’t shown.

The moment wasn’t quite as dramatic as it was made out to be, perhaps due to some careful editing on the show’s part. However, it was clear that Jeong was not amused by the controversial former Trump associate being on the show. Interestingly, the show hasn’t posted his performance or his unmasking.

The Show Introduced Some Serious Contenders

Aside from Giuliani’s Jack in the Box, the rest of Wednesday’s contestants put on some great performances, starting with Team Good member Prince, who sang a lively cover of “La Copa de la Vida” by Ricky Martin in Spanish. Guesses included Enrique Iglesias, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez.

Next up was Team Cuddly’s Baby Mammoth, who showed off a deep voice on Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight.” They also displayed a weird sense of humor, joking about pooping on stage. Guesses included Kathleen Turner and Rachael Ray.

Another Team Bad member, Queen Cobra, promised to keep the judges on their toes. There were actually several Cobras on stage during their performance of “Good As Hell” by Lizzo, leading the panel to wonder if there’s more than one celebrity involved. Regardless, the performance sounded fantastic.

Team Cuddly ended the night with a performance from Space Bunny, who had the judges dancing with “Jump in the Line” by Harry Belafonte. McCarthy said it was her favorite performance of the night. Guesses included Sean Paul and LeBron James.

So far, Team Good is the only group represented in the finale, with Firefly and Ringmaster. Team Bad only has one member left, while Team Cuddly has two. Team Good could sweep the finalists if Prince gets through, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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