The Cutest Dog Auditions in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ History

Corey Cesare
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If you thought there are cute and talented dogs on America’s Got Talent, I’ve got to tell you, Britain really brings it when it comes to their dog acts. Let’s just say our friends across the pond are no stranger to dog training. The United Kingdom’s Britain’s Got Talent arguably has more talented dogs than America’s Got Talent. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

1. Trip Hazard and Lucy

Trip Hazard is absolutely adorable. Trip Hazard and Lucy really put on such a great show. They danced around the stage, Hazard performed jump tricks and even walked on two legs! Their routine was flawless, the judges, and audience loved them.

2. Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse

This border collie and owner acted out being a dog on the loose, and Jules O’Dwyer was dog control. This audition was super fun with their outfits and spirit on stage! Just like Trip Hazard and Lucy, their act was extremely well rehearsed. Neither O’Dwyer nor Matisse missed a beat during their adorable audition, the audience was cheering along throughout the entire thing.

3. Diana Vedyashinka’s Hot Doggie Show

Who doesn’t love wiener dogs? Diana Vedyashinka stepped on stage with her five wiener dogs and showed the crowd their impeccable skills to follow her lead. The dogs spun, jumped, stood on their hind legs, and did it all in synchronization. You seriously don’t want to miss this one!

4. Ashleigh and Pudsey

Ashleigh and Pudsey had a Flintstones themed audition. Ashleigh wore a cheetah print dress, and crawled around the stage as Pudsey jumped over her, walked with her, and spun around with her. Their audition was very cute, but I thought it didn’t have as much energy as some of the others we’ve seen.

Britain disagreed with me since Ashleigh and Pudsey won BGT in 2012. Ashleigh later went on to Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions with her dog, Sully, after Pudsey passed away.

5. Marc Métral and Wendy

He came on to the stage and introduced Wendy as a talking dog before Wendy even came out on stage. During the audition Marc Métral asked Wendy a series of questions until she replied. This was probably the strangest act I’ve ever seen. It began as a normal dog sketch, then quickly turned into a ventriloquist act, but I’m still confused how the dog looks so, real. Is this even really considered a real dog act?

After further investigation, Wendy was wearing a mask that Métral could control and people who were just as concerned as I was reported Métral to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

6. Amanda and Miracle

Amanda began this performance by saying that they hoped to show the judges a real miracle. This dog seriously can predict the future, and I can’t wrap my head around how he does it. A dog who can do card tricks and predict the future? That’s talent.

7. Dave and Finn

Dave had David Walliams write down an object, then join them on stage. Walliams showed Finn the world on the page, while Dave was turned the other way. Walliams then returns to his seat. Finn tells Dave the word, Dave tells Walliams that the word was table. The word really was table. How did they do that?!

I guess America isn’t the only country that loves dog acts! These Britain’s Got Talent dog acts seriously brought something totally new to the Got Talent franchise. Britain’s cute dog acts have shown us flawless routines, mind bending magic and some sad, but good rescue stories. We loved looking into the past of BGT dog acts, and we cannot wait for more to take the stage in the next round of Britain’s Got Talent.

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