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Something That Feels Illegal But Isn’t: ‘AGT’ Leaves Standout Acts Out of Top 36

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We have a major bone to pick with America’s Got Talent. There are so many amazing acts that were super hyped up that did not make it to the Quarterfinals. Before we get into all of the acts that were neglected by AGT in the Top 36, we should all do some deep breathing exercises. The frustration is real.

AGT announced which contestants made it to the Top 35 in an Instagram post. Earlier this week, Nightbirde exited the competition due to her ongoing cancer battle. Her spot to round out the Top 36 will be decided by America in a separate wildcard episode where five acts will compete. This led to a slew of comments from fans who feel like the show “left out some top level talent.”

Fans Outraged After Early Standouts Miss Out on the ‘AGT’ Top 36

So far, the most popular contestant’s name to be left out of the initial Top 36 is Matt Mauser. Matt was revealed as one of the contestants vying for the wildcard. He had one of the most genuine and raw auditions of the entire show. It is an absolute shame that he wasn’t immediately put through to the live shows with so many people rooting for him.

Storm Large is another contestant that did not immediately make it into the Top 36. Putting her against Matt in the wildcard feels like a crime. There is no way America is going to have an easy time choosing which one of them should go through to the live shows. Hello Sister, who received mixed reviews in their audition, sadly did not make it through. Hello Sister has a pretty big following on social media so there are quite a few upset fans out there.

“I think Hello Sister should’ve made it,” one fan wrote.

The Voice alum Sarah Potenza is another standout singer who missed out on the live shows. Singer Ray Singleton announced prior to the reveal that he was not selected. AGT has a habit of making people fall in love with contestants’ stories and not putting them through.

Juggling sensation Sergio Paolo, and father-son duo Temple London, are also nowhere to be found on the list. But the real shock here is Dflex. He closed out the auditions was completely robbed of this opportunity. The most flexible man in Nigeria deserved a spot in the live shows. The judges failed to realize that contortion and bone-breaking are super hard skills that the Top 36 is lacking.

Other Big Names Are Missing From the Live Shows Lineup

Over on the magic front, fans couldn’t help but notice that Kevin Micoud is missing from the Top 36. He literally showed the entire world the inside of Terry Crews’ mind. What more do the judges want? Speaking of the coolest illusions ever performed on the AGT stage, where is Pasha and Aliona?

Others can’t believe Patrick Kun is fighting for the wildcard too. Close-up magic is usually a favorite amongst the judges and viewers at home. We completely understand that the show needs a variety of acts but there are only two magicians and one mentalist in the Top 36 this year. It feels like they could have made room for Patrick but did not want to sacrifice one of the singers.

Another major disappointment is that comedian Cam Bertrand will not be performing in the live shows. He brought a new, fresh perspective to his audition. Cam even made Heidi Klum laugh which is no easy task. Instead, comedian Mike Goodwin was chosen to fight for the wildcard spot. Cam just genuinely had the more memorable audition.

“You let the peacock guy go through but not @camthecomic? He was my favorite!” one viewer wrote in an Instagram comment.

Sethward has finally made it through to the Top 36 which caused a bit of mixed reactions in the comments. Performing live will be a real test for Sethward who has the ability to make everyone laugh. Unfortunately, the judges did not decide to put comedy veterans, the Sklar Brothers through to the live shows. It just feels wrong to leave out two legends who are already famous, especially when actor Michael Winslow was put through.

The Biggest Snub of All

We are happy to see Canine Stars make it through to the live shows. However, there is definitely room for two animal acts in the Top 36. It’s hard to believe that Simon Cowell let Alexandra Côté slip through the cracks. This snub seriously stings. The dog trainer from Canada brought her two furry friends to perform an audition that many felt was Golden Buzzer worthy.

Olate Dogs winning the show in 2012 shows just how much America loves dog acts. This is a missed opportunity for AGT. So far, it is not yet clear if COVID-19 travel restrictions had any impact on the judge’s decisions this season. Luckily for all of these acts, they can all audition for any Got Talent show again in the future.

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Rogena Argo-Beaty
Rogena Argo-Beaty
2 years ago

Cam Bertram was our favorite on AGT…sad he didn’t get to go all the way…he would’ve won it all!!!!!

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