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Sarah Potenza of ‘The Voice’ Auditions for ‘AGT,’ What to Know

Sarah Potenza AGTTrae Patton/NBC

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After competing on the ninth season of The Voice, Sarah Potenza is auditioning for America’s Got Talent. It’s been six years since this rock singer was eliminated from The Voice, will she win it all at AGT? The rock singer already has two albums out, will AGT help boost her career?

Sarah’s The Voice journey was underwhelming, but she’s still gained quite a large following. With over 15,000 followers on Instagram and over 116,000 on TikTok, it’s interesting that she’s giving a competition show another chance.

Sarah Says She Didn’t Want To Win The Voice

In 2015, Sarah auditioned for The Voice singing “Stay With Me” by Faces. All judges turned for her performance, and she joined Blake Shelton’s team for the season. Sarah made it all the way to the live playoffs before being eliminated.

In an interview months after elimination, Potenza admitted that she never had plans to win The Voice.

“The whole plan was to get on a TV show to do this Kickstarter to raise money for my first solo album,” she told South Bend Tribune in December 2015. “My plan was to get on the show and be on there long enough to get a bunch of fans. You don’t really want to win the show because then you are on their record deal… I wanted to get on the show and then get off the show in time to still have my songs intact. That was my plan from the get-go.”

Soon after elimination from The Voice, she launched a Kickstarter campaign so she could afford to release her first album. Within the Kickstarter, she named this album “My Turn,” but somewhere down the road its name was changed. She made $41,780 on Kickstarter for the album, way more than her pledge goal of $25,000.

Her first album “Monster” was released in 2016. This album was not independently made, it was instead made with Snax Records. But, It doesn’t seem like Potenza has ties with the label anymore.

Could she possibly be using this technique once again with America’s Got Talent?

Is the ‘AGT’ Audition Another Kickstarter Stunt?

Sarah’s second album, “Road To Rome,” was released in 2019. This album was released independent from any label and is categorized as Blues. She once again produced a Kickstarter campaign to aid with the price of this project. Releasing music independently is expensive. With the amount of money put into recording and releasing music, I would think it would be very difficult to break even as an independent artist.

Although she is not a household name, she’s also not a complete ‘nobody.’ She still performs in small shows, so she hasn’t completely fallen off the face of the earth as a professional singer.

It’s been two years since Sarah released “Road to Rome.” Could this rock and blues singer be repeating her talent show method to receive more money on her next Kickstarter campaign? Or, do you think she is going for gold this time around?

I think it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen with this one. It’s possible that since her short lived journey with The Voice she’s had a change of heart about these shows.

She’s seen saying “All I have to do is be myself” within advertisement for AGT. I think it’s possible that she will talk on the show about her experience with The Voice, but time will only tell.

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