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Sofie Dossi Talks About The Creation of ‘Fire Alarm’, “I Did Not Expect to Release This”

Sofie Dossi at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "M3GAN"Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

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America’s Got Talent alum and YouTube Influencer Sofie Dossi recently revealed the truth behind her hit song “Fire Alarm.” She expressed the true meaning behind the lyrics and the story of writing her most honest and vulnerable song.

She Wrote the Song a Day After Her Breakup

On YouTube, Dossi broke down her song “Fire Alarm,” revealing the story behind the song and the emotions that came along with it. She had the idea with her brother Zack Dossi and singer Jake Clark, who was at her house at the time of her breakup.

“So as you guys know, this song is about a very awful breakup I had recently about two months ago,” Dossi said. “And I wrote this song a day after it happened.”

She admitted that she wrote the song to help release her feelings about her high-profile breakup with Dom Brack. The song felt like therapy, which then allowed her to release all of her emotions in the right way. Clark and Zack felt that creating this song would help her release.

The contortionist initially didn’t want the song to be released but was glad that she did because she didn’t want to pretend like nothing happened. Part two of the YouTube short will be up soon, although she didn’t specify if it’s still about “Fire Alarm,” or another one of her songs.


Fans Give Outpouring Support For Dossi

Her YouTube channel has garnered a significant amount of attention online. Having accumulated over seven and a half million subscribers, Dossi has gained international fame from posting videos.

Her fans have shown admiration and given their support for Dossi in her recent video. Having supportive followers has certainly helped her cope with the breakup, and it doesn’t seem to affect her as much anymore.

“This is awesome how she could do this for us. I feel so bad for you and this should never happen to an amazing person like you.” A fan commented.

Dossi doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment and her past relationship with Brack is now at the back of her mind. Nevertheless, fans have linked her to a few individuals on the Internet. One of the names is Clark, who composed her song “Fire Alarm.”

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