‘Bring The Funny’ Takes On Trump, But Is It Funny?

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As comes to a surprise to no one, the comedians on Bring the Funny finally made their way to the inevitable: jokes about president Donald Trump. Topical political humor is very popular, always has been. But is the current president too easy of a target?

Chrissy Teigen should know. She is one of the most popular celebrities that the president has blocked on Twitter. Both she and husband John Legend have been incredibly critical of Trump. John went after the president after he tweeted attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore. Chrissy was banned a while back because she tweeted some stuff the president didn’t like. On this episode of Bring the Funny, Southern comedian Rocky Dale Davis told some Trump racism jokes. Is this funny though?

Hear me out. To say Trump is racist is controversial as most Republicans love Trump and do not believe he is racist. But that’s not enough to preclude a comedian from taking on the subject. After all, comedy should be daring. The bigger issue is that it’s too easy, which is what Chrissy says. I think Rocky did something interesting though. He made the case that while the president may be racist, he’s nothing compared to his Southern relatives. I think this gives the joke a unique spin that is funny. At least I thought so.

The one drawback about doing topical humor is that it has an expiration date. In ten years when Trump is definitely not president anymore, will these jokes be funny? Yes, but not to the same degree. Material on something like relationships or parenthood, for example, are always going to be funny. That’s why in my own comedy career I’ve tried to steer clear of topical humor.

What do you think? Is political humor about an easy target like president Trump funny? Let us know in the video comments above or the comments section below.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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