Singer Performs Emotional Original Song About Friends Suicide On ‘American Idol’ [VIDEO]


Louis Knight was a part-time pizza delivery boy before appearing on Season 18 of American Idol changed his life forever. For his audition, the 19-year-old sang an original song called “Change” dedicated to his friend that passed away. Watch the emotional audition below.

Louis Knight Performed Song About His Friends Suicide On ‘American Idol’

Louis grew up in London, England but moved to Philadelphia when he was 10. It was a difficult adjustment period for his brother Max and him but joining the soccer team led them to make friends. Louis and Max lost one of their best friends, Russell to suicide. They were such close friends that Louis even referred to Russell as a part of the family.

Russell was a huge supporter of Louis and his music and would film videos of him singing and playing the piano. Louis knew that Russell was going through a hard time but did not know the extent of it. A year and a half before Louis auditioned for American Idol, Russell took his own life. He broke down in tears talking about this difficult time prior to his audition. “When something like that happens, it stops your whole world,” he said.


“I think you might be the biggest star we’ve ever had on American Idol” Luke Bryan said after hearing Louis sing. Luke has the goosebumps to prove it.

“I really appreciate your original song,” Katy Perry said. “I appreciated the sentiment of it, the feeling of it.” Lionel Richie agreed that the songwriting was “fabulous.”

He Made It Through To Hollywood

The judges voted him through to Hollywood. He soared through to the live shows and continued to capture everyone’s attention with his ability to perform ballads like no other. Louis made it all the way to the top seven before he was eliminated from the competition along with Julia Gargano.

The message of the original song Louis performed in his audition was very powerful. If you felt inspired, check out the video below where host Mriganka talks about some of the most powerful auditions on talent shows ever.

Where Is Louis Knight Now?

After gaining quite a large fanbase from American Idol, Louis began to release original songs. He described his song “Maybe That” as “a sad love song.” He spoke in an interview about the meaning of the song. “It’s about self-reflecting a year after a relationship has ended,” he said. “One person has moved on, and the other hasn’t. In this case, the one who didn’t move on was me.”

“I’m planning to release a new song every other month, and I can’t wait to share all of them with the world,” he said in the summer. “Also, as soon as it’s safe to, I’m planning to tour throughout America!” While the coronavirus pandemic has halted Louis’ touring plans, he has put out several Christmas covers in the meantime.

And after so many people fell in love with the singer who Katy always compared to a One Direction member, he found love too.


Louis has a promising career ahead of him and we can’t wait to see his dreams of touring America come true.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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