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Simon Cowell Makes 13-Year-Old ‘AGT’ Contestant Cry With Harsh Comments [VIDEO]

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Charlotte Summers appeared on season 14 of America’s Got Talent hoping to win the entire competition. The 13-year-old previously competed on La Voz Kids. She has had numerous on-stage experiences to make her a force to be reckoned with. However, it was some comments from Simon Cowell that left her in tears.


Simon Cowell Had A Harsh Critique For Charlotte Summers On ‘AGT’

Charlotte’s ‘AGT’ audition did end up impressing the judges with her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You.” She even said that Simon was her favorite judge and adorably commented she would buy a guinea pig if she won the $1 million and name it after Simon. She breezed through the Judge Cuts but it was during the Quarterfinals where things got a bit more emotional.

The singer from Spain performed “Diamond’s Are Forever” which the judges felt was not the right song choice for her. “I don’t know if I would’ve chosen that song” Howie Mandel said. “I feel like your personality is so dynamic and we didn’t really see that,” Julianna Hough said. “We saw your voice and your capability but the personality of who you are which we love, I don’t think shined as much.”


“As Julianne said you have one of the best personalities of all the contestants we’ve had this year, you really do,” Simon said. “Your body language right now is telling us everything I know you are feeling and I am feeling right now is…that was a terrible terrible terrible song choice for you.” Charlotte began to break down into tears as host Terry Crews tried to comfort her.

“It really was” Simon continued. “I hate saying this to you, I’m aware of how young you are and I’m praying that the audience dismisses the song choice.” It was clear that Charlotte was upset by Simon’s words. She was later eliminated from the competition after failing to receive the Dunkin’ Save.


Simon can be pretty savage sometimes and it leads to contestants getting a bit emotional or angry. Check out this compilation below of Simon’s most iconic insults of all time. He has definitely become a bit softer in recent years but definitely made a career for himself early on making some harsh critiques on television.


Where Is She Now?

After her ‘AGT’ elimination she posted “I want you all to know ‘Diamonds are Forever’ #diamondsareforever was a song that team Charlotte (including me always) chose and I was really excited to perform.” She continued to say “A lot of time went into practicing and I was really happy with my performance. I was excited and hoping that Simon and the other judges liked it because I really put my heart into it, and I felt disappointed, however, I can understand that not everybody has the same taste in music and I will always do what I believe is right.”

“I was quite upset with Simon’s comments which I felt were very unfair, he did not qualify why it was ‘terrible, terrible , terrible’ and although I am sure he was only referring to the choice of song, which he may not like” she told us. “Many people took it to mean that it was a bad performance, and I think that that affected my chances of going through – it was obviously very upsetting but I have to accept that it is his opinion – I still think I chose a great song and I do not regret making that choice. I was also planning to perform a song I wrote in the later stages.”


After appearing on ‘AGT,’ Charlotte has continued to grow her YouTube channel. She recently posted a cover of “Loyal Brave True” by Christina Aguilera. In 2019 she entered the #jolenechallenge with her own version of “Jolene.” She was actually chosen by Dolly Parton herself as having one of the top 16 best covers.

“I am very proud to have made it onto ‘AGT’ – over 60,000 people applied, and I made it and I am from Spain” she said. After ‘AGT’ I decided to take some time out , and really went back to concentrating on school. I have been contacted by quite a number of people about appearing in TV Series and singing, as well as a movie but these things take time.”

“I was due to do a concert in the US in June but we had to cancel,” she said. “One of the things was that I got a lot of exposure and despite the problem with coronavirus, I am working on releasing a record.”


She also posts a ton of covers over on Instagram and received an award for being one of the top 100 Child Prodigies at the global Child Prodigy Awards.


“There are big things happening, so even though the ‘AGT’ door closed, a much bigger one has opened and I am very grateful to ‘AGT’ for that” she continued. “I do not regret anything that happened, as ‘AGT’ has meant that I have been able to reach millions of people and it was a great fun experience to do and I met other really talented people.”


What did you think of Charlotte’s performance in the Quarterfinals on ‘AGT’?

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