Simon Cowell Said She’s ‘Atrocious’ on ‘American Idol’, Years Later Quigley Got Her Revenge [VIDEO]

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Casey Carlson auditioned for season eight of American Idol in 2009. The judges were less than impressed with some of her performances. Now going by the name of Quigley Goode, she has definitely had the last word in one major way. Take a look at her audition below and her career moves after ‘Idol’.

Quigley Goode’s audition on American Idol

Quigley Goode Competed As Casey Carlson On ‘American Idol’

Her audition went over pretty well with the judges and Simon Cowell even complimented her for having a “good vibe.” Kara DioGuardi said that she thought Casey was the full package. It seemed like moving on into the next round of the competition would only make her more of a frontrunner. But, everything changed when she gave a live performance of “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police.

“That was not good for me man” Randy Jackson said. “I love the song, it’s an amazing song, completely wrong for you and kind of like weirdly karaoke at this point. That was strange to me, I didn’t get that at all.” Casey held back tears. “Everything about that was wrong,” Kara said. “You’re such a beautiful girl but you picked The Police. Nobody goes near those songs.” She proceeded on to say that she wanted Casey to do a “girly anthem” and something a little more youthful. “And the weird dancing and the motions, it was so overdone” Kara continued.


“Guys think you are the most exquisite beautiful girl there is I hear it all the time that’s part of the package but picking that song there was no connection and your phrasing was weird” Paula Abdul said. “It just didn’t work.”

“So you get one massive opportunity which you got tonight and you’ve just thrown it all away.”

Simon Cowell on ‘American Idol’ reacting to Quigley Goode

“The singing was just atrocious, to be honest with you and you could not have chosen a worse song with the arrangement as well and you shouldn’t have even been allowed to sing that song quite honestly” Simon chimed in. “And the problem is that apart from sounding terrible, it doesn’t tell us or anybody else what kind of artist you want to be. It’s karaoke and that’s the problem. He continued “So you get one massive opportunity which you got tonight and you’ve just thrown it all away.”

Quigley Goode Proves Simon Cowell Wrong

Casey’s American Idol journey came to an end after her harsh critiques. But, that did not stop her from pursuing a career under the name Quigley Goode. She did go on to write hundreds of songs and perform in arenas all over the world. Recently she posted a now-viral TikTok that proves Simon wrong. In the TikTok she uses her own cover of “Pure Imagination” that was used in a SuperBowl commercial. The video was seen by over 10 million people.

She has also established quite the Instagram following with 286,000 followers. She has her own lifestyle website and business called Soulcial Media. “Our commitment is to provide the mental and logistical support you need to thrive in the world of content creation,” the website says.

Quigley also has the world rallying around her as she just revealed that her newborn son has contracted COVID-19. They are both currently in quarantine in the PICU at the hospital.


While she will be taking a break from posting on Instagram for a while, people online are wondering if Simon’s words were too harsh in the beginning of this young singer’s career on American Idol.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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