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SHOCKING Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 3 Recap

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In case you did not watch survivor yesterday, we have the complete Survivor Recap to get you up to speed. Last episode’s blindside of Molly, Jack and Jamal feel on the outs of Vokai. However, Tommy is quick to eliminate those feelings, saying that the whole tribe was afraid of Molly’s strategic ability. Jack is quick to accept this, but Jamal still is hurt, what will happen next?

Survivor Island of the Idols, Episode 3

Survivor: Mistrust And Betrayal

On Lairo, Karishma feels on the outs of the women due to her conservative background. While she attempts to be freer with her body, the men discuss working together to take out a woman. Privately, Vince admits he doesn’t want to work with Aaron after he voted for him on the first episode, seeing that as an obvious reason to not trust him.

Back on Vokai, most of the tribe want to take out Noura as they are starting to be annoyed by her, but Jamal is tempted to make a move against Dan, as he feels he’s a bit sleazy. He convinces Janet that this may be a good idea, who tries to convince Tommy. Tommy doesn’t like this idea and he becomes wary of Jamal.

Returning to Lairo, Karishma is cutting some fruit, and accidentally cuts her hand open to the bone. As she nurses the injury, no one on the tribe checks on her. In her private Confessional on Survivor , she says the tribe doesn’t care about her.


Survivor: Immunity Idol

A boat then pulls up to the Lairo beach, and Vince has been selected to go to the Island of the Idols. After he leaves the tribe panics about him earning an Immunity Idol. Dean then says they could just split the vote, with the entirety of his tribe standing there, meaning that they would split against one of the people who were left there.

Vince arrives at the Island of the Idols and is greeted by Boston Rob and Sandra. His test, designed to test his ability to keep calm under pressure, is to retrieve fire from the Vokai camp at night without getting caught. If he’s successful, he’ll get an idol good for his next two Tribal Council. He agrees to attempt it on Survivor. And while a few members of Vokai stir due to some accidental noises, he makes it to their fire pit. The Vokai fire is out, but he gets ash from the fire pit instead. He returns to the Island of the Idols, and Rob and Sandra consider this a win, giving Vince an Immunity Idol!


Survivor: Immunity Challenge

The tribes head to an immunity challenge, where one player from each tribe must swim down and untie a buoy, giving them a key. After retrieving the key, the rest of the players must retrieve two bags of puzzle pieces suspended above a seesaw. They then swim with those bags to a platform and assemble a puzzle. First tribe to finish their puzzle wins immunity.

Elizabeth gave Lairo an early lead on the swimming portion, and they get both bags before Vokai. However, Lairo’s primary puzzle maker Karishma has no luck with the puzzle before Vokai’s Lauren and Jamal start their puzzle. Karishma gets one piece, but Lauren and Jamal begin to steamroll through the puzzle. They finish and win immunity and comfort items!

Lairo will be headed to Tribal Council.

After the challenge, the men begin targeting Vince for going to the Island of the Idols and Karishma for failing on the puzzle. Missy and Vince begin targeting Tom for his lack of challenge ability. The men decide to vote for Karishma and attempt to convince the women to vote for Vince. The women of the tribe debate between putting their votes on Tom and Vince as they head to Tribal Council.

Lairo arrive at Tribal Council on Survivor, with Sandra and Rob secretly watching in a hideout. Tom and Aaron start the conversation about Karishma’s failure at the puzzle, and she defends herself by saying that they haven’t seen what she can do physically.


Karishma admits that she feels like an outcast, saying that she feels excluded by the women’s “sorority” from time to time. Elizabeth says that was never the intention, and that she sees Karishma as one of the girls.

Almost everyone says that they know who they are voting for, before Karishma stands up and whispers to Elizabeth. Tom says it’s an act of scrambling as Karishma is panicking, and that he doesn’t buy it. It’s now time to vote.

Lairo votes, and Vince does not play his idol. Jeff begins reading the votes on Survivor.

Tom receives one vote.
Karishma receives three votes.
Vince receives five votes.

Sandra and Rob are completely blindsided, as is Vince, as his torch is snuffed with his idol in his pocket.

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