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Preacher Lawson Calls Out Hotel Security Guard Who Followed Him

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America’s Got Talent Season 12 finalist Preacher Lawson recently posted a TikTok video calling out a hotel security guard who followed him to the elevator as he returned to his room. The comedian suggested that pulling out his phone to record the guard’s behavior made him “nicer.”

Preacher Lawson Calls Out Security for Following Him

“What’s up, y’all? Just getting followed around by a cop,” Lawson says to start the video, before confirming that the man is a security guard at the hotel and saying he’s following him “’cause you don’t believe I’m here.”

As Lawson gets on the elevator, he says the guard is “gonna walk me to my room.” He then asks the guard, “You do this to everybody? That’s crazy, man.”

The guard then speaks to the camera, saying that everyone has to show their card when they come into the hotel. Lawson encourages him to come up in the elevator with him, but the guard steps out and tells him to have a good night.

“Pro tip! Pull your phone out and security becomes nicer,” Lawson wrote in the caption of the video.



Pro tip! Pull your phone out and security becomes nicer 😃

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Fans React to Lawson’s TikTok Video

Lawson’s TikTok video has gotten over 6 million views and more than a million likes so far, with one commenter telling him, “You handled that phenomenally.” Others wondered how the security guard didn’t recognize Lawson.

“For the people defending the security,” another user wrote in the comments, “he had his keycard in his hand before he even started recording. This wasn’t a mistake.”

Lawson also posted the video on Instagram, where fellow AGT stars Duo Transcend responded with an angry face emoji, calling the situation “unbelievable” and telling Lawson, “You handled this incredibly.”

Another TikTok commenter told Lawson, “Bro u gotta talk about this at your next show.” Lawson responded, “Yes.” He added a cry-laughing emoji.

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