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Mary Wolfe-Nielsen of Duo Transcend Schools Preacher Lawson in Fitness Battle


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Mary Wolfe-Nielsen from Duo Transcend schooled Preacher Lawson in a quick fitness battle. The two America’s Got Talent alum shared a behind the scenes moment during their America’s Got Talent Live show. The real life Wonder Woman didn’t break a sweat while spectators watched who could hang on a bar the longest.

“I did a contest with @preacherlawson to see who could hang on a bar the longest. Guess who won?” the performer posted on Instagram.

Using the hashtag Fit Mom, Mary held on with ease. Preacher began telling jokes as soon as the competition started, showcasing why his comedic act was a popular hit during his Season 12 run. Onlookers in the room recorded the fitness challenge alongside Mary’s Husband Tyce Nielsen, as he told an interesting story about the couple’s first date.

“Not even close,” Preacher commented under Mary’s Post.

The comedian lasted for one minute and 10 seconds. Mary taunted Preacher after he gave up and started doing pull-ups, casually stating that she will stop holding on when the timer hits two minutes.

The Cirque Du Soleil Performer put her skills to good use. On season 13 Duo Transcend made the Top 5. The married couple returned for America’s Got Talent: Champions. They ended their time on the show as the season’s runner-up. Their aerial trapeze routines wowed viewers as well as the judges. Since performing on the Got Talent franchises, Duo Transcend has been an act for America’s Got Talent Live on the Las Vegas strip.

Duo Transcend-Death Defying Performers

Although audiences are constantly cringing during Duo Transcend’s acts, the pair have been performing together for nearly a decade. The couple went viral when Tyce dropped Mary during one of their routines on the competition show. The parents of 2 year old Jaxx have traveled the world to showcase their elevated intense circus skills. They are even training their young son.

Mary has been a champion for health and fitness. She recently released a 20 day workout plan. Her goal is to help moms prioritize fitness. The step-by-step guide promotes daily workouts without needing to hit the gym.

Now with America’s Got Talent: Extreme on the way, it is possible that fans could see Duo Transcend once again take over the Got Talent stage.

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