Parents In The Audience Watching X-Factor Never Expected What Their Son Does Next…

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Craig Colton gave his parents quite a shock when he auditioned for X Factor UK. His parents thought they just got tickets to watch the show but had no idea that they would be watching their son audition. They also never even heard him sing prior to this. He also surprised the judges who weren’t expecting him to do such an amazing job. Watch the audition below!

Craig Surprises His Parents With His Tickets But They Had No Idea He Was The Show

The 22-year-old who works at a biscuit factory bought his parents tickets to X Factor UK as a gift. Letting them know he wasn’t able to come because he had to work, the parents ended up going without him. Craig even had his mom iron his work clothes so it can seem like he was really not coming with them. Little did they know that Craig was actually going to be auditioning.

When the young singer came out onto the stage the parents were confused as to what was going on. The judges were laughing when Craig let them know that not only is this his first time performing in front of a crowd but the first time his parents heard him sing. He decided to go with Adele’s “Hiding My Heart Away” and his parents got emotional listening to his talented vocals.


Craig showed everyone that he has what it takes to be on the show and even got a standing ovation following his performance. The judges were just as proud as his parents, “That was an amazing audition because what were looking for is someone with a recording voice and you’ve definitely got a recording voice.” Says Louis Walsh.

The four judges gave him all four yeses and he joined his stunned parents backstage. They gave him a heartwarming hug and the dad even commented saying he has no idea how their son hid such a talent.

Craig Colton’s ‘X Factor’ Journey

Following his successful audition, Craig went on to be in the boys’ category mentored by Gary Barlow. He was a tough competition in the show and even went on to sing many famous songs such as “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perry. Even though Craig had what it takes to win the whole show, he ended up placing in 6th place after losing a sing-off to Amelia Lily.


After leaving the show he grew a huge fan base and continues to perform covers for them on his Youtube Channel. He also opened up about losing weight following his time on the show and how that effected his health. He opened up to the Loose Women panelist. “I lost too much and I became ill. I didn’t want to be that person. You become so obsessed that you don’t know what you’re doing anymore, and you wake up thinking what am I gonna eat or not eat”.

Craig is now taking care of his health and enjoying loving himself. According to his social media he is also in a long term relationship with his partner Shane Cooper.


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