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Nicki Minaj Says Her 2022 Met Gala Look “Cemented” Her Decision to Get a Breast Reduction

Nicki Minaj at the 2022 Met GalaPhoto by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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After attending the 2022 Met Gala, Nicki Minaj was finally convinced to get a breast reduction. The “Super Freaky Girl” hitmaker detailed how her outfit sealed her choice to shrink the size of her boobs.

Nicki Minaj’s Decision to Get Breast Reduction was Triggered by Her 2022 Met Gala Look

During a Vogue Life in Looks clip, Minaj said that her Burberry ensemble made up her mind about getting a breast reduction. The outfit, which featured a bustier top, leather pants and a ruffle train, had enhanced the look of her cleavage, making the singer feel a bit awkward.

“I did my fittings, I told them I loved this hat and I loved what the outfit was giving, but I said, ‘You guys, look, these boobs are going to be spilling out’,” she said.

The “Anaconda” singer went on to recall seeing Naomi Campbell “walking in and out of the room looking at me like, ‘Girl let’s go.'”

“I knew before we even left the room that the boobs were about to have a night of their own,” she said.

In November, Minaj confirmed that she had a breast reduction and was happy she did. According to the rapper, undergoing surgery changed the way she looks at her curves.

“Recently, I had to get a breast reduction, and actually I love it,” she said. “I used to want a bigger butt, and now I look back and realize how silly that was. So — love your curves, and love your non-curves. There’s nothing wrong with any of it.”

Nonetheless, while Minaj is all about promoting body positivity, her advocacy is delimited to building up unhealthy bodies. According to the rapper, she further strengthened this cause with her being Black.

“I have to say this as a Black woman, though. I’ve made certain choices for my son, to not give him sweets and candy and juices, because of illnesses like diabetes that run in our community. I’m not in favor of body positivity if it means unhealthy bodies. That’s bull. It’s not believable, so let’s stop pretending,” she said.

She Regrets Having Plastic Surgery After Seeing Old Photos

While the rapper is satisfied with her downsized breasts, there were plastic surgery decisions she has regretted. In an episode of The Run-Through with Vogue podcast, Minaj admitted that she wished she didn’t changed some parts of her body.

“I guarantee you, if you change anything on your body and do anything surgical and all this, you’re going to — more than likely, not definitely, more than likely — look back one day and say, ‘I was fine just the way I was,'” she said. “And that’s what happened to me. I could not believe even some of the photos that I didn’t love.”

In the same podcast, Minaj stated that she doesn’t want to look at her older photos because she would only miss her past appearance.

“The reason why I wasn’t able to look back at my old photos was I didn’t like the way I looked, right, physically,” she said. “And now I love the way that person looks physically.”

The singer went on to state that welcoming her 3-year-old son, known publicly as “Papa Bear,” changed the way she views herself.

“I think pregnancy could’ve played a role because seeing my son did remind me of myself so much. My real self. And it made me think why didn’t I like this? So weird,” she said. “But seeing old photos, being able to look at old photos again made me realize, ‘These old photos are beautiful.'”

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