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Meet the Top 13 Performers of ‘The Voice’ Season 21

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On Tuesday night, The Voice Season 21 narrowed the competition down from the Top 20 to the Top 13. Two artists on each team were voted through by viewers, while another one was saved by their coach.

To round out the 13, one artist was also saved from elimination by the Wildcard Instant Save vote. These artists will move on to once again perform live in next week’s show. Let’s refamiliarize ourselves with each artist and their journey.

1. Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly)

This trio of siblings, all in their 20s, began playing music as part of their homeschooling curriculum. The group formed in 2019, two years after their father was diagnosed with a rare cancer. They turned four chairs in their Blind Audition and chose Team Kelly. The trio was saved by viewers’ votes in the Live Playoffs.

2. Jeremy Rosado (Team Kelly)

This 29-year-old, originally from Queens, put music on hold when he decided to take over guardianship of his niece, who is now 18 years old. Jeremy chose to get back to pursuing his dream by joining Team Kelly in the Blind Auditions. He was saved by viewers’ votes.


3. Gymani (Team Kelly)

This 23-year-old from Georgia turned four chairs in her Blind Audition when she sang Ariana Grande’s “pov” in front of Grande herself. However, she chose to join Team Kelly instead. The single mom to two daughters grew up in church with a musical family. She was saved by her coach.

4. Hailey Mia (Team Kelly)

This Jersey girl, who’s been singing since she could talk, is the youngest artist in the competition at just 14. She first joined Team Ariana in the Blind Auditions, but she was stolen by Kelly Clarkson in the Battles. Hailey won the Wildcard Instant Save during the Live Playoffs, making her the final member of the Top 13. 


5. Jershika Maple (Team Legend)

This 24-year-old works as a security guard during the day and gigs as a singer at night. She turned both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend’s chairs in her Blind Audition. Jershika first joined Team Kelly before being stolen by Legend in the Battles. She was saved by America’s vote in the Live Playoffs.

6. Joshua Vacanti (Team Legend)

John Legend blocked Ariana Grande to get this 28-year-old on his team after he performed “Into the Unknown” in his Blind Audition. After being teased growing up for his weight and his high-pitched voice, Joshua is now wowing viewers with his talent. He was saved by America’s vote.



7. Shadale (Team Legend)

This 29-year-old toured the world for several years with a gospel group, but she stopped to take care of her daughter. Shadale turned both Legend’s and Clarkson’s chairs during her Blind Audition, and she chose to join Team Legend. The coach saved her during the Live Playoffs.

8. Jim and Sasha Allen (Team Ariana)

This father-son duo from Connecticut has been performing together since Sasha was a kid. The 19-year-old recently made history on The Voice as the first transgender artist to make it past the Battles round. Clarkson and Grande both turned for this duo, but they chose to join Team Ariana. They were saved by America’s vote.


9. Holly Forbes (Team Ariana)

This 30-year-old from Kentucky lost her hair due to medical issues when she was in middle school, and music helped with her confidence. Holly started the competition on Team Kelly after turning all four chairs, but she was stolen by Grande in the Knockouts. The singer was saved by America’s vote.

10. Ryleigh Plank (Team Ariana)

This 20-year-old was bullied growing up and struggled with depression, but she embraced her identity when she shaved her head after high school. Ryleigh turned Clarkson’s and Grande’s chairs in her Blind Audition, but she chose to join Team Ariana. The coach chose to save her during the Live Playoffs.


11. Wendy Moten (Team Blake)

At 56 years old, this singer has decades of experience in the music industry. She spent 15 years touring with Julio Iglesias after her own recording contract ended. Wendy turned four chairs in her Blind Audition with her incredible voice. She chose to join Team Blake. Wendy was saved by America’s vote.

12. Paris Winningham (Team Blake)

This 32-year-old was adopted, but he knows that his biological parents were musicians. He performed during his time in the Navy, and now he’s chasing his dreams on The Voice. Paris joined Team Legend in the Blind Auditions, but he was stolen by Blake Shelton in the Knockouts. America voted to save Paris during the Live Playoffs.


13. Lana Scott (Team Blake)

This 28-year-old former cruise ship singer was named after her grandmother, who encouraged her to pursue country music. Lana turned Clarkson’s and Shelton’s chairs in the Blind Auditions, and she chose to join Team Blake. The coach chose to keep Lana on his team during the Live Playoffs.

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