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Meet the Inventive Teams Competing on ‘LEGO Masters’ Season 2

Lego Masters Season 2Tom Griscom/FOX

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With a new season of LEGO Masters comes new teams of brick artists hoping to make LEGO dreams come true and be crowned LEGO masters. Season two promises to be bigger and better. This time not 10, but 12 new LEGO enthusiast duos will compete.

Representing some of the countries best LEGO artists, each team has its dynamic. Father and son, siblings, married, or just friends bonded by the brick, they all have one thing in common they came to LEGO.

LEGO Fans Looking to Become Masters in Season Two

1) Moto & Paras – Friends/Engineers “The Friengineers”

This pair only became AFOLs (Adult Fan of LEGO) five years ago. While they might not be as experienced as their competition, their engineering backgrounds could come in handy. Paras is from Boston, Mass., and Moto is from Denver, Colo. Both are 48 years old and both share fond memories with their kids and LEGO.

FOX Moto & Paras

2) Susan & Jen- Friends/Moms “The LEGO Moms”

Susan, 44, and Jen, 48, are both moms that have a shared passion for LEGO. They joke that they’re not soccer moms, but LEGO moms instead. The moms from American Fork, Utah made the cut to be on season one, but due to family circumstances had to back out. Now, they’re excited to be welcomed back for another opportunity to compete.

FOX Susan & Jen

3) Zack & Wayne- Brothers/Sushi Chefs “The Brothers Raw”

The brothers are from Stockton, Calif. Zack, 26, and Wayne, 28, approach LEGO building differently. Wayne prefers building off the instructions of each set and Zack is more the artist making LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations.) It’s a good balance for a team in this competition as long as they have the right communication.

FOX Zack & Wayne

4) Tim & Zach- Father and Son “Brick Father, Brick Son”

The sole father and son team this season, Tim and Zach are from Gaylord, Mich. Tim is 47 years old and Zach is 18, they’ve been building together since Zach was seven years old. That’s a lot of LEGO building experience, but they only got into the world of MOCs about seven years ago. Win or lose, the competition holds a special place for Tim as a final experience before Zach begins his next chapter in life. 

FOX Tim & Zach

5) Dave & Richard- Friends “The Tale of Two Cities”

Dave and Richard have the least experience building together. Richard, 39, is a DJ and writer from Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a long-time LEGO collector who writes for a popular LEGO site. Recruited to try for Season 1, Richard couldn’t find a partner in time. Then he saw a BLM-related post by a brick artist from Chicago, Dave, 43, that sparked their friendship. After reaching out, they began to see how in-sync their beliefs and inspirations were and the team was born just in time for Season 2. 

FOX Dave & Richard

6) Caleb & Jacob- Brothers/Twins “The Double Vision”

These 22-year-old twins from La Crosse, Wis. are the youngest team this season. Being twins means they’ve grown up building together, but more importantly, they have that telepathic twin link. Teamwork should come easy for them, assuming they enter each build with near-identical thoughts in mind. Also having to turn down a shot at Season 1 to focus on school, the twins were only able to compete this time due to remote classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

FOX Caleb & Jacob

7) Maria & Phillip- Married “In Brickness and in Health”

The only husband and wife team competing this season comes with big shoes to fill since a married couple won last season. The 38-year-olds from Grand Rapids, Mich. have spent a lot of time building LEGO together, even before the show. With so much experience working with one another, on and off LEGO, we could be seeing a repeat in the making.

FOX Maria & Phillip

8) Jack & Dawn- Siblings “The Biker Gang”

Jack, 67, and Dawn, 59, are this season’s oldest competitors. Don’t judge them by their age though. These biker enthusiasts have both been building LEGO since they were kids, giving them the most experience over their fellow competitors. They have another purpose to be on the show that’s not about money and titles, but rather to honor their great-niece Kelsey, who recently passed away. Such a strong motivation and at least a 20-year head start in LEGO could be enough to get these two new matching Harleys with the prize money.

FOX Jack & Dawn

9) Randall & Syreeta- Friends “The Hip-Hop Brickstorians”

Randall, 34, and Syreeta, 33, came together recently over a shared love of everything hip-hop. Syreeta who is from Queens, N.Y. was introduced to the talented brick artist from Chicago, Ill., Randall through a mutual friend. It was an idea to create MOCs that combined her loves of LEGO and hip-hop and it was Randall’s talents that helped to bring a vision to life. This lead to the founding of Most Incredible, their creative studio that commemorates and sells iconic artists, album art, and symbols from hip-hop history made entirely of LEGO bricks.

FOX Randall & Syreeta

10) Lauren & Bryan- Siblings “The Bond as Strong as LEGO”

The siblings Lauren, 22, and Bryan, 25, are from Laguna Beach, Calif. They’re the second-youngest team meaning they might be a little less experienced, but they have bonded over LEGO for nearly 20 years of their life. Building a tighter sibling bond over the toy bricks could help them to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better than some of the other teams. 

FOX Lauren & Bryan

11) Michelle & Natalie- Friends “The Arts & Crafts Moms”

This pair of friends came together over a shared love of arts and crafts and DIY projects. Michelle, 42, is from Mesa, Ariz., and Natalie, 32, comes from Tulsa, Okla. Their friendship is only about five years old and they’ve worked on DIY projects together, but working together with LEGO is new for them. While both have spent a lot of time building with their kids for fun, Michelle is more the veteran super fan of the toy bricks. 

FOX Michelle & Natalie

12) Mark & Steven- Brothers “The Brothers Who’ve Already Won”

FOX Mark & Steve

These brothers are the ones to watch. Mark and Steven, 27 and 25-years-old respectively, are from Atlanta, Ga. Having beaten Tyler, one-half of last season’s winning team, in a LEGO competition at a convention once before could mean they have the LEGO skills to take the title. How will their experience as a successful team play out in the upcoming challenges?

Catch the ‘LEGO Masters’ Season Two Action

You can watch these 12 teams complete LEGO-building challenges each week and see who makes it to the end to be crowned LEGO masters. Tune in to FOX Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET to catch the fun.

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