Meet the 8 Final ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Contestants

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The Canada’s Got Talent competition has officially dwindled down to the final eight acts. After numerous weeks of the competition, this series comes to an end on Tuesday, May 17. America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell is set to appear on the two hour live finale.

Eight acts are going into the Canada’s Got Talent finale after battling it out through each round of the competition. Differing from the American sister series, four of eight finale contestants were sent into the round by the judges. Here’s everything you need to know about the remaining acts.

1. Courtney Gilmour

This stand up comedian was sent into the finale by the judges following yet another hilarious set. This comedian’s jokes typically center around her life as a congenital triple amputee. Ahead of her time on the series, she appeared on: Humour Resources, The Beaverton, The Stand-Up Show with Katherine Ryan, and the online series Space Dragon and Kim. In 2017, she was the joint winner of the the annual Homegrown Comics competition for emerging Canadian comedians at the 2017 Just for Laughs festival


Lilly Singh’s Golden Buzzer recipient group was sent into the finale following their impressive semifinal performance. Following suit to their audition, the dance crew kept energy high with their polished choreography. Ahead of Canada’s Got Talent, GRVMNT competed on NBC’s World of Dance seasons two and four. GRVMNT has also competed in the Hip Hop International competition, bringing home the prize of 2nd place in 2021’s competition.

3. Jeanick Fournier

The Canadian public voted their Susan Boyle singer, Jeanick Fournier into the finale after her amazing semifinal performance of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. Outside of the competition, Jeanick is a palliative care attendant that sings as a hobby. Many fans predict that she’ll become a superstar following the finale of the series, much like Britain’s Got Talent‘s Susan Boyle.

4. Kellie Loder

Kellie Loder blew the mind of the judges with another strong vocal performance on the CGT stage. They originally joined the competition to take a chance and have succeeded all the way into the finale. Kellie worked as an independent artist before Canada’s Got Talent. They’ve released three albums: The Way, Imperfections & Directions, and Benefit of the Doubt.

5. The Renegades

The group Golden Buzzer recipient has officially danced their way into the Canada’s Got Talent. This dance crew originated in 2017 with the intent of bringing a group of people that care about one another together. They hope to represent Canada on an international stage following Tuesday night’s finale.

6. Savio Joseph

Savio came to the Canada’s Got Talent stage as a recent university graduate. He took the stage to decide whether he should pursue magic full time or not. His impressive magic has left the judges speechless not once, but twice. To help the magician decide further, the judges sent him through to the finale. Ahead of the competition, this magician had been practicing the art since the age of ten.

7. Stacey Kay

This America’s Got Talent alum came to the Canadian stage for redemption and has since been sent into the finale by the judges. At the time of her AGT audition, Stacey was working with a label that made her change several things about her appearance, specifically her weight and hair color. Since finding herself, she has returned to the competition stage.

8. Shadow Entertainment

This Bollywood fusion dance team has earned a spot in the finale with their perfected choreography. Ahead of Canada’s Got Talent, Shadow Entertainment spent their time and effort towards showcasing upbeat, entertaining and power-packed performances. Each on stage dance features different styles including Bollywood, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Hip Hop, Dappan Koothu (Ghana), Dancehall, Folk Dance (Garba, Dandia) and Contemporary in a well-mixed fusion between Western and South Asian culture.

The Canada’s Got Talent finale premieres live on Citytv on Tuesday, May 17. Make sure to vote for your favorite acts throughout the night.

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