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Meet Broderick Jones, Representing Kansas on ‘American Song Contest’

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Broderick Jones is heading to the Semifinals on American Song Contest, representing Kansas with his song “Tell Me.” Broderick has been dreaming of something like this for a long time, and he’s been releasing music for several years now.

Broderick Jones Was Inspired by ‘American Idol’ Growing Up

Broderick told Kansas media outlet The Voice that he imagined himself performing at the Grammys or the Super Bowl Halftime Show when he was a kid. He was inspired to pursue music after watching American Idol in sixth grade.

“I thought it was so dope,” Broderick said. “I wanted to be up there too. But when I first started singing, I was really horrible and my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to sing anymore. So, I gave up on it for a while and picked it back up after high school.”

Broderick, who is from Olathe, even auditioned for American Idol in 2015. He told The Voice that he felt “calm and collected” during his performance on American Song Contest, joking, “I was mostly focused on not falling down the stairs.”



You Can Listen to Broderick’s Music Now

“Tell Me” isn’t the only song by Broderick that you can listen to right now. He released his first single “Cuddle” in 2014. Since then, he’s released several albums, EPs, and singles. The singer has also released music videos for several of his songs, including recent tracks “XYZ” and “Bipolar Weather.”

In 2021, Broderick released the album Maybe Tomorrow, featuring nine tracks. Before that, in 2016, he was featured on the track “Pokemon Ü” with It’s Different. The song, which is a remix of the Pokémon theme song, currently has over 34 million hits on YouTube.

Broderick told ESC United that the song “changed my life,” adding that it introduced him to some great people in the music industry. He shared, “It was proof that it was possible. That anything is possible.”

The Singer Is Proud of His Song ‘Tell Me’

According to his American Song Contest artist bio, Broderick dreams of becoming “the biggest artist ever from Kansas.” He’s on his way to achieving that goal thanks to the audience vote, which sent him to the Semifinals.

Broderick described his song “Tell Me” as a combination of “pop, EDM, R&B.” He told The Voice that he likes how surprising the song is on first listen, saying, “I love that the beat drop is sneaky. It starts off and you think it’s a ballad and then all of a sudden it goes into a drop and you’re like, ‘where did that come from?'”

If you’re interested in seeing Broderick perform live, he’ll be at the Kansas State Fair in September. Until then, be sure to tune in to the American Song Contest Semifinals to see if he can make it even further in the competition.

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