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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 SPOILERS ⁠— Hours Before it Airs Tonight


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Hearing all the previews and pre-show interviews, The Masked Singer Season 2 is shaping up to be a big one! Higher star power, harder clues, and more contestants have all been promised for the second season.

And from the looks of it, they aren’t lying! Here’s what we can expect from The Masked Singer Season 2 and why it will be harder to guess than before.

The Masked Singer Season 2 sneak peek and combined stats

More Contestants/Costumes and Star Power

If you haven’t already checked out the costumes for season 2, we’ve got them all covered (here and here). And if you’re counting, yes! That’s two additional contestants than last year. So that means season 2 will have 14 masked singers, compared to last year’s 12.

The contestants are also bigger names than the first season! Here are their combined stats:

  • 140 films
  • 22 Broadway musicals
  • 22 gold records
  • 20 platinum records
  • 6 multi-platinum records
  • 31 Billboard #1 singles
  • 19 Emmy wins
  • 10 Grammy wins
  • 7 Super Bowl appearances
  • 5 Hall of Famers
  • 15 marriages
  • 8 divorces

I love how they had to throw the marriage stats in there! But from this list, we know there will be athletes (including football players), Broadway stars, actors/actresses, and (of course) singers.

Heightened Security for Season 2

Because host Nick Cannon has teased that the new season will have “even more major celebrities than season 1,” security has been heightened too. The contestants all have to go to remote locations to transfer into cars that take them to CBS Television City, where the show tapes. They are put in hoodies, sweats, and masks that completely hide their identities. The show even has to conceal friends and family who come to cheer on the celebrities!

All audience members who witness reveals have to sign NDAs so they don’t disclose the celebrities under the masks. Their cell phones are taken away upon entry. And when the reveals actually happen, most of the audience is escorted out so only a small group sees them (for the reactions, of course). On top of all that, only a few production people know the singers’ identities too. So many crew members play along!

The Masked Singer Season 2 preview WITH SINGING!

New Voice and Body Disguises

Now this is the craziest new development for The Masked Singer season 2. Because the celebrities know how the show works now, many are going through extensive lengths to conceal their identities.

Robin Thicke told Us Weekly:

[The singers are] making it so much more challenging this year. They’re changing their physical attributes, they’re putting on body suits so we can’t tell their body types. They’re even masking their voices more than last time — like somebody that might be from London is doing a Southern drawl when they talk or do clues, so it’s been very difficult.

Robin Thicke

Judge Jenny McCarthy also explained how the guessing game will be raised in season 2:

We top [season 1] by having more contestants, making the costumes even better, and also making the show much more difficult to play. They made the clue packages more difficult, and the contestants are playing with us. Like, literally they know the show now. So they come in saying ‘OK, I’m going to mess with the judges and the audience. I’m going to throw my voice, I’m going to put on a whole different persona.’ So that’s how you level up, for sure.

Jenny McCarthy

We could not be more excited! The Masked Singer season 2 premieres on Wednesday, September 25th on FOX. Before it starts, read everything you need to know about the new season.

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