Louis Walsh Thinks Nicole Is A Way Better ‘X Factor’ Judge Than Cheryl

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

Louis Walsh is often thought of as the quiet nice uncle of The X Factor UK. He’s not as brassy as Sharon Osbourne, sexy as Nicole Scherzinger, or as mean as Simon Cowell. He’s just a nice guy everyone likes. But he’s definitely got opinions and one of those is that Nicole is a much better judge than Cheryl.

He told OK Magazine of his sometimes up and down relationship with Cheryl,

“There was never any hatchet [to bury]. We sometimes disagree on things, but she’s a great judge…Nicole is the best, though.”

That’s going to make it awkward if the rumors are true and Cheryl does replace Nicole next year. There have been rumors for a while that Nicole wants to concentrate on her music and wishes to come back to the good ‘ol USA. Cheryl is the obvious choice to replace her even though Cheryl has reportedly gotten into squabbles with everybody.

I disagree with Louis, though. I think HE’S the best. He’s my favorite. Louis has a good ear and tons of experience and doesn’t feel the need to act like a bully or showboat like the other three.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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