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Lilly Singh Hits ‘CGT’ Golden Buzzer for Acrobatic Duo’s Emotional Performance

Woody and Fenton on 'Canada's Got Talent'Canada's Got Talent/ CityTV

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During Tuesday night’s new episode of Canada’s Got Talent, judge Lilly Singh hit the Golden Buzzer for an acrobatic duo called Woody & Fenton. Unfortunately, the pair had to drop out of the competition after their audition.

Lilly Singh Hits Canada’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer

Woody & Fenton described themselves to the judges as an “aerial acrobatic duo” who typically performs for “more queer spaces.” Woody shared that their audition piece is called “Goodbye Daniel,” in honor of his former lover Dan.

“I had to leave him to start my dream, and sadly I didn’t know that he was feeling a lot of horrible things, and he ended up taking his own life,” Woody explained. “And I never got to say goodbye, so for me this is my goodbye letter to him.”

The acrobats went on to perform an emotional aerial routine in which they embraced each other in midair. The performance earned a standing ovation from the panel and had judge Trish Stratus in tears. Howie Mandel described it as “impeccably perfect.”

“My heart is literally beating through my chest right now. That was so beautiful. It really was so beautiful,” Singh told them as she teared up. She shared her goal to “try to make it so more spaces feel comfortable for people.” Singh then hit the Golden Buzzer for the duo.



Woody & Fenton Drop Out of the Competition

Singh hitting the Golden Buzzer was supposed to send Woody & Fenton straight to the Semifinals of CGT Season 2. However, it looks like they won’t be appearing on the show again this season, as they had to leave the competition.

According to a press release from Citytv, “Due to an injury, Woody & Fenton have withdrawn from the competition and will not be appearing in the semifinals.” No further information was given about the injury, but we’re sad to see these two leave the show and hope they have a quick recovery.

Canada’s Got Talent will return for another new episode next Tuesday night at 8/7c on Citytv.

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11 months ago

So what happened to them? Are they on FB or Instagram? I want to support them!!!!

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