Indian Dancer With No Legs Teams Up With Wheelchair Dancer In Jaw-Dropping Performance [VIDEO]


Krupa Lodhiya was run over by a car when she was just two years old, leaving her wheelchair-bound for life. She teamed up with legless dancer Vinod Thakur to perform on India’s Got Talent and have inspired so many people with their act. Take a look at one of their remarkable performances below at the ‘India’s Got Talent’ Kuwait Forum.

Krupa Lodhiya And Vinod Thakur Danced On ‘India’s Got Talent’ Kuwait Forum

In this performance, Krupa and Vinod both start out on the floor. The pair embrace before she walks over to her wheelchair and sits down. At one point in the dance routine, Vinod climbs on Krupa’s wheelchair and jumps off. Krupa ducks down in the chair and Vinod leaps over her head in a truly remarkable moment.


Vinod also helped Krupa out of the chair and lifted her before doing a handstand across the stage. At the end of the performance, he does a handstand on the wheelchair as Krupa extended her body to maintain the balance of the pair. It was a stunning way to end the very emotional piece on India’s Got Talent.

If you are inspired by this incredible act, check out the video compilation below. It features some of the most inspirational acts to ever have appeared on talent competition shows. They have all shown that life has no limits and have become some of the biggest names in the entertainment world.

Krupa And Vinod Continue To Inspire People All Over The World

Krupa has not let her disability stop her from pursuing a career in the entertainment world. Aside from competing on India’s Got Talent, she has also had her hand in modeling and beauty pageants. She is a huge fan of Sudha Chandran who has greatly inspired her dance career. A video posted in 2018 to her YouTube channel said that Krupa aspired to be an actress in Bollywood.

β€œVery few disabled get ahead in life,” she said in an interview with Everyday Ability after appearing on India’s Got Talent. “I have seen many disabled people begging on the roads. I would like to convey this message that please don’t beg. You can earn and lead a life of dignity based on your determination, skill, talent and hard work.”

“So many skilled artists from like Vinod, Kamlesh Patel and Sudha Chandran are making it big as wheelchair artists” she continued. “I have also done awareness rides on a scooter to make India accessible, one of which I remember especially was from Delhi to Mussoorie. While other girls were a little shaky, I was the only girl from Gujarat who never lost courage and breezed through the whole journey with confidence.”

Vinod also continues to post dance videos on Instagram. “India’s Got Talent was the best thing that ever happened to me,” he said in an interview. “It transformed my life. Before I went on the show, I was a nobody and suddenly I was a celebrity. I not only began to earn a lot of money, but a lot of respect and recognition as well.”

He is also always hitting the gym and showing everyone that his disability is not going to stop him from doing whatever he puts his mind to.


What did you think of Krupa and Vinod’s stunning performance?


Samantha Agate
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