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Howie Mandel Hits Golden Buzzer For 14 Year Old Singer During ‘CGT’ Premiere

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Howie Mandel hit his Golden Buzzer during the premiere of Canada’s Got Talent on Citytv. The comedian immediately knew Shea Liu had something special when she took the stage. Even though the judges saw some great performances, Mandel couldn’t help but hit the honorary buzzer for this 14 year old singer.

Howie Mandel Hits Golden Buzzer During Canada’s Got Talent Premiere

Shea Liu took the stage as a 14 year old student, but left as much more. Ahead of her audition, this singer shared that she is from Vancouver, British Columbia, and had been singing for as long as she can remember. She noted that singing is her form of self expression even at her young age.

Alongside her love of music, Shea shared that her parent support keeps her going with the art. Her mom accompanied her for the audition, but her father is cheering her on from a distance. He works in China, so they have a long distance relationship most of the time.

For her audition, she sang “Like My Father” by Jax as an ode to her parents. The young singer shared that her parents are her role models and she hopes to live a life like theirs someday. Her passion for her family radiated throughout the entire song.


Not only did Shea show off her vocal talents on stage, she played the guitar on stage. Soon after she began singing, Mandel nodded his head at fellow judge Kardinal Offishall. This singers vocals were were outstanding for her age. They were airy and smooth, but filled with tons of control. By the end of the performance Mandel, Lilly Singh, and Trish Stratus were standing for this singer. Mandel was the first judge to give the singer notes following her audition.

“There are people much older than you that come on this stage and they can’t deliver,” Mandel said. “You rose to the occasion and you rose beyond your years. You are standing there, you have the pose of somebody twice your age.”

He then asked the singer what her biggest hope and dream were at that moment. She replied stating that she wanted to get into the next round of the competition. The audience giggled at the response, knowing that Mandel had a bigger honor on his mind. The judge asked the singer if she believed dreams can come true before standing up.

Who is the Young Singer?

It’s clear that this singer was undiscovered ahead of her time on Canada’s Got Talent. Unlike other Got Talent contestants, this 14 year old wasn’t super active on social media ahead of the series. It seems like both her Instagram and YouTube were created within the past few months.

Her Instagram biography reveals that she enjoys dancing on top of singing and songwriting. Other than that, there’s not much else that’s public information on this young singer. It’s evident that this is truly the beginning for her and her career, so I can’t wait to see how far she gets on Canada’s Got Talent.

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2 years ago

She absolutely killed it and Deserved the Golden Buzzer! Shea is the #1 Frontrunner Favorite to win the title! I think Shea will either win or at least place very high in the Final top 3! But right now, I have no doubt Shea is the one to beat, and she’s a lock to win her semifinal!

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