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Heidi Klum Accidentally Flashes the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Audience

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Heidi Klum was having a ball during a live episode of America’s Got Talent. The 48-year-old supermodel flashed the entire live audience without even realizing it. She eventually reposted a TikTok as a reminder to never bend over in a short skirt.

Heidi Klum is Exposed on ‘AGT’

During the very first live show on Season 16 of AGT, Klum looked gorgeous in a feathered dress. One thing the AGT judges absolutely love doing is taking selfies. They often take their phones out during the commercial breaks to tweet and post on Instagram. If you look that glamorous, you need to take as many selfies as possible.

Sofia Vergara sat on the judging table posing for a selfie in her hot pink dress. Vergara called Howie Mandel over to join in on her selfie from in front of the judging table. When Klum noticed that the pair were taking a selfie, she decided to jump in. As Klum lunged over to Vergara’s direction, she seemingly flashed the crowd.

Someone in the live audience happened to capture this all on video. The beauty of having a live audience on AGT again means exposing everything that happens behind-the-scenes. Klum pretty much seemed to forget that her dress was so short. This obviously did not air on television because it happened in between acts.

How Did Simon Cowell React?

The best part about this entire video is not the fact that Klum flashed the audience. It’s that Simon Cowell is so unbothered. Cowell is seen standing on his end of the judging table drinking out of his Sonic cup. He is never really one to pose for selfies with the other three judges.

Do you guys remember that really rare selfie he took with the judges during the deliberations this season? It seems like he lets everyone else do their own thing. He’s a bit grumpy tonight and giving harsh critiques. Do not expect any selfies with him and the other judges after the episode.

Klum clearly isn’t too worried about flashing the audience again on AGT. For tonight’s live show, she forgot to wear pants! OK just kidding, the decision to wear a blazer with no pants was intentional. Klum looked glamorous as always and her makeup was seriously on point. Klum has been known to wear some very sexy outfits on AGT over the years. She can literally pull off anything.

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