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‘Go-Big Show’ Act Receives Lowest Score Ever from Cody Rhodes

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Go-Big Show returned Tuesday night for a new episode of Season 2. One of the most notable moments of the night came when judge Cody Rhodes gave an act the lowest score of the series so far, calling it the worst thing he’s seen on the show.

‘Go-Big Show’ Act Earns Criticism from Cody Rhodes

The act in question, from wrestler Leroy Patterson, started with him airing his grievances with Rhodes. After stripping down, he shared that he’s been rejected from a number of wrestling federations, and demonstrated by stapling the rejection letters to his body.

He then took things to another level by standing on a ladder over a table covered in brass thumbtacks. Leroy asked Rhodes if he could join him in the ring, adding that if Rhodes said no, he’d jump onto the table. Rhodes rejected him, so he threw himself down, breaking the table in the process.

“Where has this show gone?” asked judge Jennifer Nettles. Rhodes was definitely not impressed, reminding Leroy that what he did was not wrestling. Leroy got emotional while talking about what wrestling means to him.


What Score Did Leroy Receive?

Leroy was up against a performer named Jonathan “Rolla Bolla” Rinny, who had the judges on the edge of their seats with his balancing act. At one point, he stood on five skateboards stacked on top of each other without falling.

When it came time to score the acts, the judges gave Jonathan a score of 79. He was hoping for a score over 90, but he didn’t have to worry about making it to the Semifinals, since it was better than Leroy’s score of 38. Notably, Rhodes started the scoring process by not even hitting his throttle.

Eventually, Rhodes gave Leroy a score of 2, which is the lowest score a judge has ever given on the show. He called it the worst act they’ve ever seen. However, Leroy didn’t walk away empty-handed, because Rhodes invited him to appear on AEW Dark.

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