Fans Caught Kylie Jenner In This Epic Photoshop FAIL Forcing Her To Delete The Picture

Kylie Jenner Photoshop FailSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

Kylie Jenner is always posting pictures for her 172 million Instagram followers. And sure, it’s ok to use FaceTune to blur out a blemish here and there. But, Kylie took it to the next level as she photoshopped her leg to make it look slimmer. Fans caught on to the photoshop blunder causing the star to delete the post. She then reposted her poolside images doing different poses and cropping out the photoshopped mistake.

Kylie Jenner Was Put On Blast For Her Use Of Photoshop

Kylie took the photoshopped images down almost immediately after people began noticing. But of course, there were a few people who screenshotted the pictures to point out her editing mistake. One person replied to her second attempt at posting the pictures and said “well here’s fail #2. The water can’t distort your leg twice. Here’s a tip, DON’T Photoshop. Love Yourself.” Granted, this might be a little cruel because she probably feels pressure from her fans and the media to look perfect all the time. Just because she made a photoshopping mistake doesn’t mean that Kylie does not love herself.

Another person wrote “Had time to screen the pic you now-deleted you posted on your IG…what a fail. Your surgeries were not enough you need to photoshop all your pics?” Again this is pretty harsh and implies that Kylie has had multiple surgeries to change the way her body looks.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Kylie first posted a slide of two Instagram pictures in the beach and one of them had clear photoshop that had me dead and then fans started noticing and commenting and she deleted it and reposted it with more picture and cropped out the part that shows clear use of photoshop.” In the second version of the bikini pictures that she posted, Kylie did in fact crop out the part of the picture that people were questioning.


The Use Of Photoshop Was Relatable For Some People

Photoshop does in fact change what you look like, but it brings up the question of why some people use it in the first place. “I want to be annoyed but as a woman, I know how it feels to want to look perfect,” said one Twitter user, and she’s right. A lot of women feel pressure to look a certain way because of the criticism they receive if they don’t. In Kylie’s case, she is under a microscope because of her celebrity status and might feel some added pressure to impress people all the time. People still love her regardless if she is completely perfect or showing off some insecurities she may have.

Fans still supported Kylie on the post with a ton of heart emojis. She will always have a huge following backing her, even if she makes a small photoshopping mistake. This all comes after Kylie was photographed by paparazzi as she went makeup-free recently. Fans noted how different she looks from the photos she posts on Instagram. But, we think she looks gorgeous regardless if she is all dolled up or not and people can definitely be a lot nicer than they are now to the star on social media.

Kylie Just Purchased A New House

Kylie is probably too busy working on decorating her new $36.5 million house to care what people think about her photoshop blunder. Take a look at how gorgeous it is. The house in Holmby Hills, California is huge. It even has 14 bathrooms which means Kylie will definitely be posting a ton of bathroom selfies.

It is unclear if Kylie’s bikini photos were taken at the new house, but our guess is due to lockdowns she is probably still in her Calabasas home.


How do you feel about Kylie’s use of Photoshop? And do you think that it has something to do with the pressure of being a celebrity?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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