FULL NAME: Kodi Taehyun Lee
BIRTHDAY: July 7, 1996
AGE: 26
NOTEABLE PROJECTS: America's Got Talent
BIO: Kodi Lee took the America’s Got Talent stage and immediately impressed with his outstanding musical talent. As soon as he sat at the piano bench he turned into a seasoned performer. The judges were so impressed with him that Gabrielle Union hit the Golden Buzzer. Lee went on to become the first blind and autistic contestant to reach the finals. Since winning, Lee has continued to perform throughout the country.

Lee was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and had a life-saving surgery at five days old. The surgery left him legally blind. He has also been diagnosed with autism and Addison’s disease. His musical gift lies within his musical expression, perfect pitch and overall passion for the art form. It’s said that he is one of 25 people in the world today with his amazing abilities. He has a photographic memory and is also able to recall music after he hears it once.

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