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Grace VanderWaal

FULL NAME: Grace Avery VanderWaal
HOMETOWN: Lenexa, Kansas
BIRTHDAY: January 15, 2004
AGE: 19
NOTEABLE PROJECTS: America's Got Talent
BIO: Grace VanderWaal made a name for herself during her original song Golden Buzzer audition. Her distinct voice and song about fitting in impressed the judges so much that Howie Mandel hit the Golden Buzzer for her. Following her audition, she continued to perform original songs on the stage. She went on to win America’s Got Talent season 11.

VanderWaal began singing and making up songs at the age of three. During her pre-teen years, she found inspiration by watching movies and writing a song about the characters. She bought herself a ukulele with the money she received from her 11th birthday and taught herself how to play. In 2015, she began recording song covers and original songs on YouTube. During this time, she began performing at local venues and studying music theory.

This AGT winner quickly found success as a mainstream singer and is now signed with Columbia Records.

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