FULL NAME: Caleb Liechty
HOMETOWN: Perrysville, Ohio
BIRTHDAY: February 1, 1996
AGE: 27
BIO: Caleb Liechty is part of the family band, Girl Named Tom. Girl Named Tom rose to fame in 2021, when they won season 21 of The Voice. Ahead of the series, the group formed in 2018, when they were asked to perform at their cousin’s wedding. During their first year as a band, the siblings drove their old minivan across the country, performing in various states.

In 2018, Lietchy graduated from Goshen college, he was on the track to become a doctor before deciding to pursue music. Lietchy had minors in piano and vocal performance at Goshen College.

Since winning The Voice and singing with Universal group, they’ve released new music, independently toured, and even opened for Pentatonix. They are the first group to ever win The Voice.

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