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Britney Spears Slams ‘Hypocritical’ Documentaries About Her Life

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Britney Spears is known for posting her lively dance videos on Instagram, despite the comments section flooding with assumptions about her conservatorship. She recently slammed the latest documentaries about her life and how she is portrayed in the media including Framing Britney Spears and The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship in a lengthy caption.

Britney Spears Speaks Out Against Documentaries that Mimic Negative Media Attention

Britney started off the Instagram post by saying “2021 is definitely way better than 2020 but I never knew it was gonna be like THIS.”

Though she does not specifically reference any of the titles of the documentaries about her life that are currently out or in the works, she does note that she finds them deceptive.

“So many documentaries about me this year with other people’s takes on my life…what can I say…I’m deeply flattered!!!!” she wrote. “These documentaries are so hypocritical…they criticize the media and then do the same thing.”

Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, was granted a temporary conservatorship over her assets in 2008 which later became permanent. Jamie stepped down from the conservatorship in 2019 for health issues and allegations of abuse against Britney’s son. Britney’s “care manager” Jodi Montgomery temporarily took his place.

Britney’s brother Bryan Spears did confirm in an interview that Britney has wanted the conservatorship to end for a while. Britney filed court docs to have Jamie permanently replaced by Montgomery after the #FreeBritney movement swept across social media.

“Damn…I don’t know y’all but I’m thrilled to remind you all that although I’ve had some pretty tough times in my life…I’ve had waaaayyyy more amazing times in my life and unfortunately my friends…I think the world is more interested in the negative!!!!” she added.

A judge previously declined Britney’s request to have Jamie removed as co-conservator. Britney is set to voice her own opinions in court for the very first time on June 23.

“Why highlight the most negative and traumatizing times in my life from forever ago????” she asked.


She is Now Trying to Focus on Positive Things in Her Life

Britney decided to focus on lighter things and upcoming events in her life then continuing to harp on the negativity.

“I have so many trips I’m looking forward to taking this summer and I can’t wait to dance in different studios!!!! I’m hoping to get a miniature koi pond in my backyard as well!!!!” the former ‘X Factor’ judge wrote. “I know I’m weird but hey…it’s the little things you know…and I’m so grateful for my beautiful backyard!!!!”

At the end of the post, she did address comments made by her former makeup artist Billy Brasfield to Page Six about her alleged lack of control over her social media posts.

“I don’t actually talk to Billy B AT ALL so I’m honestly very confused!!! This is my Instagram” she wrote.


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newsyber marketplace
newsyber marketplace
3 months ago

I appreciate how this blog addresses important issues in a respectful and informative manner It’s refreshing to see a blog use its platform for good

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