‘BGT’ Judges Are Bored By This Act, Until It Turns SEXY

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Sometimes, the BGT judges get bored of an act pretty quickly, without considering that it might get better as it continues. Such was the case with contestant Beatrix Von Bourbon.

The judges weren’t sure what Beatrix was going to do at first. They were surprised when the performance turned into a sexy burlesque routine, complete with nipple tassels. Check it out below.

Beatrix Von Bourbon Shocks ‘BGT’

Beatrix was 27 when she auditioned for BGT in 2012. She shared that she’d been taking dance classes, including ballet and tap, since she was a kid. She added that she was “terrified” of performing in front of a big crowd.

Beatrix stepped out on stage wearing a red 1940s-style skirt suit and an elaborate hairdo. Simon Cowell told her she had “nothing to be afraid of,” and added, “I don’t know what you’re gonna do, but good luck.”


She started her performance with a bit of physical comedy, pretending that the suitcase she lifted was heavy. Simon could be seen sighing, looking like he found the act boring.

However, when Beatrix pulled two nipple tassels out of the suitcase, the crowd and the judges caught on to what was about to happen. She launched into a striptease set to “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé.

What Did The Judges Think Of Beatrix?

Beatrix took off her jacket to reveal a gold bra. After showing off a few dance moves, she zipped off her skirt and then removed her bra. Although she appeared to be wearing tassels, the show censored her breasts.


He might have been bored at the start, but Simon ended up enjoying it. “Do you have a second song?” he joked after the performance. He called her the “British version of Dita Von Teese.”

All four judges voted yes to sending Beatrix to the next round. Simon even asked what hosts Ant and Dec thought. They peeked out from backstage to give two thumbs up.

Beatrix’s performance led to complaints from viewers, but she still returned for the semifinals, where she was eliminated. In 2014, Beatrix stopped performing to “focus on other professional ventures.”


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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