‘BGT: Champions’ Who Is Performing And What To Expect Tonight?

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There is no better time of year than Britain’s Got Talent time. The British version of the Got Talents always brings the weirdest and most wonderful acts. This season on the BGT: The Champions edition of the show we’re getting the best of the best. Tomorrow’s episode promises to be epic.

BGT: The Champions will have Lost Voice Guy performing and we can’t be happy enough.

The Lost Voice Guy on BGT: The Champions

The Lost Voice Guy, who was the first comedian ever to win BGT and the reigning champ, is returning tonight. You might remember him as the stand-up who cannot speak who tells his jokes through a vocoder. He deserved that win, not because of his disability as some trolls have said, but rather due to his undeniable talent.

Paul Zerdin is backkkk

Paul Zerdin on BGT: The Champions

In America’s Got Talent history there is a holy trinity of ventriloquist winners: Darci Lynne, Terry Fator, and Paul Zerdin. He’s bringing his act and hilarious puppets to the BGT stage and I’m sure he’ll make quite the impression. I wonder how well ventriloquist acts go over in Britain? Better than here? Possibly.

Mersey Girls return stronger than ever and we hear Simon is going to cry during their performance.

MerseyGirls On BGT: The Champions

MerseyGirls is a fantastic dance troop who got Alesha’s Golden Buzzer in season 11. But the really heartwarming story is that one of their number, Julia Carlisle, had to have spinal surgery and Simon paid for the whole thing. Now she’s back and Simon is very emotional about the whole thing. Rumors are that he cries.

100 Voices of Gospel will perform tonight

100 Voices of Gospel on BGT: The Champions

Before we saw 100 Voices of Gospel choir make it all the way to the finals I didn’t even know that Britain had gospel choirs. But this amazing choir made it all the way to the end, which is rare for choirs on the Got Talents. But their talent is undeniable. They really are the best.

Deadly game with no Anna will be there tonight and well, yay!

Deadly Games BGT: The Champions

Deadly Games won our hearts and raised our blood pressure with their amazing danger act on AGT. Now, Alfredo will be performing with a new target…er…partner. After he and wife Anna parted ways he is now with Aleksandra Kiedrowicz, an aerialist who won Poland’s Got Talent. Drama, y’all. I bet Anna would like to throw a knife or two at Alfredo.

Who Else is Performing?

Alexa Lauenberger, a dog act from Das Supertalent in Germany
Antonio Sorgentone, a singer and pianist from Italia’s Got Talent
Jai McDowall, a singer and BGT winner Gao Lin & Liu Xin, an acrobatic duo from BGT

Seriously, do not miss tomorrow’s episode. If you need to get on a plane and fly to Britain to watch it, do so…or just use a VPN. Whatever, it’s your call. I personally can’t wait to see what these amazing acts have in store for us.

BGT: The Champions airs Saturday, September 7th at 8:30pm on ITV.


Jack Tomas
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