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Ariana Grande Talks About Her Unreleased Music Leaking in New Q&A

Ariana Grande, via Rem Beauty YoutubeAriana Grande via REM Beauty YouTube Channel

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Former The Voice coach Ariana Grande recently got real about how much of her unreleased music has been leaked, joking that she can’t keep anything a secret from her fans. Grande opened up in a new YouTube Q&A celebrating her makeup brand r.e.m. beauty.

Ariana Grande Talks About Her Music Leaking

To mark one year of her brand r.e.m. beauty being sold at Ulta, Grande answered questions from fans in a new video posted to YouTube on Monday. During the chat, Grande mentioned that someone had “so graciously leaked” that the brand was releasing foundations.

“You guys have heard every bad song and bullsh*t demo that I’ve ever ever made. Hilarious,” Grande said of the tendency for her music to be leaked. “It’s impossible to keep things from you.”

Later in the video, a fan asked Grande if she has “any secrets soon to come,” and she once again brought up the leaks, joking, “I’m all out of secrets. You’ve stolen all my unreleased music. It’s horrible. You’ve found out about the foundations.”

Grande assured fans that they “know everything that’s going on” with her, telling them that “there’s no secrets with you and I.”



Grande Talks About Filming Wicked Movies

Grande is currently filming the two-part movie adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked, set to be released in 2024 and 2025. The singer stars as Glinda, alongside Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba. Grande talked about the filming experience in her Q&A.

A fan asked Grande if it’s “exhausting working so many hours” on the films. She responded, “It’s weird, because it’s exhausting but I am not tired. Like, I would do it again right now. Every single thing. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to do the weekends. I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to leave, ever.”

Grande shared that she and Erivo call themselves “husks … shells of people.” She added that she’s “savoring every single second humanly possible.”

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