‘America’s Got Talent’ QuarterFinals Week 1 Predictions and Power Rankings

Julia Delbel
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The first America’s Got Talent live show of the season is over, and tomorrow we’ll find out which seven of the twelve acts who performed tonight will become semi-finalists!

After getting a feel for who people might be voting for, we’ve put together a list we like to call our Power Rankings. This isn’t based on who we personally like, but who we think the AGT audience as a whole is most to least likely to get behind.

1. Kodi Lee

Kodi’s performance last night was possibly even more incredible than his viral audition. Pair that with living with blindness and autism and you’ve got a recipe for success on AGT. He’s easily the breakout act of the season, one of the few near-unanimously loved performers, and the only act on this episode I think truly has a shot to win it all.

2. Voices of Service

Delivering a solid vocal performance and spreading their “support the troops” message should easily get them through to the semi-finals.

3. Luke Islam

Luke seems to be catering to the Broadway crowd this season, first with a Waitress song and now one from Dear Evan Hansen. His Golden Buzzer also gave him a boost in notoriety going into the live shows. He’ll easily advance.

4. Messoudi Brothers

Balancing acts don’t typically done well on AGT, but something about the Messoudi Brothers makes us think they’re going to be one of the few exceptions to that rule. Maybe it’s the wow factor of seeing how things can go wrong making a performance that went right all the more impressive. Maybe it’s their sex appeal that’s making them popular with a certain demographic. Or maybe it’s just their nice personalities and incredible strength. Whatever it is, it seems to be working quite well for them!

5. Sophie Pecora

To be honest, the first four acts on this list are the only ones we feel really confident in predicting will go through. However, there’s going to be one more act in the top 5, and even though Sophie hasn’t exactly been warmly embraced by certain sections of the AGT audience, there are a few reasons she has a good chance of making it tonight. Namely, she’s a child singer-songwriter and they tend to get votes, and she had a fanbase before competing on AGT. While online fanbases tend to not have nearly as much power to control the outcomes on these shows as they think they do, our feeling that the four acts on top of our list may be running away with votes in comparison to everyone else may mean Sophie’s YouTube fans might just be the difference in getting her through this round.


(Please note that this is in order of likelihood of being up for the Dunkin’ Save, not winning it.)

6. Greg Morton

I was initially worried Greg would be a prime candidate for elimination this week, but he seems to have more fans than I thought. (He’s been on TV a few times before, so maybe that’s where he built his fanbase.) So I think he just might have a shot at making it through via the Dunkin’ Save or Judges’s Save, though I wouldn’t be shocked if he got eliminated straight away either.

7. Bir Khalsa

It’s hard to say how the viewers will respond to Bir Khalsa. Of all the acts last night, I think they easily “stepped it up” the most from what they’d done previously, but danger acts tend to have trouble in the voting department. I could see them making top 5, or being up for a save, or getting eliminated immediately. Basically, anything is on the table for these guys.

8. Ansley Burns

I think if Ansley is up for the Dunkin’ Save she’ll have a good chance at getting it…it’s just a matter of whether or not she did enough to be there. Her performance last night hasn’t exactly been well-received, but I think she may have built up enough goodwill over her previous appearances for people to have connected with her and be willing to give her another shot.



GFORCE is another act who received mixed reviews and could end up as a Dunkin’ Save candidate, but I just don’t think people have the same emotional attachment to them as the other young girls this week.

11. Emerald Belles

They got a better response this time around from both Howie and the viewers, but they don’t seem like the type of acts people typically feel compelled to vote for.

12. Carmen Carter

I think the song choice of “Believer” sung in the style Carmen sang it is going to do her in this week. Even some of her most ardent supporters didn’t seem to be feeling it.

Who do you want to make it through tonight’s AGT results show? And who do you THINK will? Tell us in the comments below!

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