Whatever Happened to Marcelito Pomoy? Filipino ‘AGT’ Superstar Then and Now

Catherine DiMeglio
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In a true tale of rags to riches, Marcelito Pomoy made his presence known here in America. This standout vocalist was first introduced when he won Pilipinas Got Talent in 2011. Known for his ability to sing in both the tenor and soprano register, he gained worldwide recognition for his unique talent. His appearance on America’s Got Talent since skyrocketed his superstar status and led to an abundance of new opportunities. Now, Marcelito hosts his own show while continuing to give back to his community.

The Rise of Marcelito Pomoy

As a child in the Philippines, Marcelito was homeless from the age of seven. His father was incarcerated, leaving him to be adopted by a police officer while he took on odd jobs to survive. He discovered his talent of singing while doing poultry work. Marcelito would often sing to the chickens as he tended to them. Later, he was encouraged to perform for an audience that could actually appreciate his talent.

Marcelito also realized that he could use his ability to see his family once again. With this mindset, he joined the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent, and became an instant overnight success. In the process, he gained a massive fanbase from his home country. 

After the show, he produced two studio albums. Duet Yourself in 2011 and Split in 2013. In 2018 Pomoy was invited on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where he first sang “The Prayer” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Marcelito introduced the acclaimed Celine Dion duets on Ellen’s stage, before performing them again on AGT Champions

Interestingly, after the singer’s appearance on Ellen, he received an offer to compete on America’s Got Talent. Shockingly, he turned down the chance at a million dollar prize. Marcelito felt that he was already a champion in the Philippines, and competing on a regular season of AGT could reduce his champion status.

The Gifted Singer Takes on AGT Champions

When Marcelito got the call to appear on the second season of AGT Champions, he had no second thoughts. In his audition, he performed “The Prayer” once again for an American audience. Marcelito left the whole room in awe with his self-sufficient duet, and in the end, received a standing ovation from all four judges.

The singer was hopeful that he would receive the golden buzzer from Howie Mandel, however the judge was reluctant to give it away so early in the night. As mentioned earlier, Marcelito has a die hard fan base, and they were not happy with this decision whatsoever.  

Additionally, his fans also disliked Simon Cowell that season. The judge criticized his performance of “Beauty and The Beast,” and commented that the song choice was “predictable.” Behind the scenes, it was speculated that producers had a direct hand in Marcelito’s song choice that evening. This created a huge outrage from the singer’s fans, as they still blame Cowell to this day for his elimination. He ranked in forth place that season, but returned to the Philippines a national treasure.

What is Marcelito Up to Now?

So what exactly, has he been up to since his appearance on the Champions stage? Well for one, he has decided to use his new found fame to give back to his community. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Marcelito took part in an abundance of charity work. One of his most notable projects was his participation in rebuilding the home of an elderly grandmother. He came across her while delivering groceries to families in need during lockdown. Marcelito continued the tradition of his charitable works this summer as he commemorated his tenth year in showbiz. 

The singer has also advanced quite a bit in his career. Currently, Marcelito is the co-host of Eat’s Singing Time, alongside Jaycee Parker. This variety show combines the Philippines pastime favorite, “videoke” with some good eats. In case you were wondering, “videoke” is basically karaoke that records you as you sing. Another unique concept of this show is that it includes wild games like oversized food eating challenges.

Marcelito has come full circle when it comes to talent shows. Once a contestant on the biggest stage in the world, he has since been invited to be a judge on part two of the Filipino competition show, Tagisan Ng Galing

Most recently, the superstar won a National Customers Choice award for Most Outstanding Male Singing Artist. Marcelito is still a dedicated live performer, and sings on stage when given the opportunity. Keep an eye out for his shows when he comes to concert in the states this October.

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