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‘America’s Got Talent’ Believes In Magic: Our Top 7 Favorite Magic Acts Ranked

Shin Lim and Dustin TavellaPhoto by @louis.aslarona/Instagram, NBC

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After 16 seasons, America’s Got Talent has consistently introduced audiences to magicians who made us question everything we have ever been taught is possible. Magicians who appear on the show never disappoint, always exciting the crowd as onlookers feel like kids in a candy store. Over the years, only three magicians have won the competition show, but plenty have graced the America’s Got Talent stage in hopes of winning. Let’s walk down memory lane and see who are the best magic acts to ever challenge our perception of reality. 

7. Shin Lim

Season 13 winner Shin Lim became the second magic act ever to win America’s Got Talent. The card magician wowed the audience with his sleight of hand and suave stage persona. Shin also became the first winner of America’s Got Talent: Champions. When judge Howie Mandel says that you are “the best close-up magic in the history of America’s Got Talent,” the only place to be is number one. 


6. Patrick Kun 

Patrick Kun’s card tricks were nothing short of amazing. He appeared in Season 16 of America’s Got Talent and nearly made it to the quarterfinals. His magic acts included close-up tricks that had cards disappearing and reappearing right in front of the judges’ eyes. For his big finale, Patrick made signed cards appear inside a sealed case. When you make Simon Cowell a “believer,” you know you are the real deal.

5. Brett Loudermilk 

Fan favorite, Brett Loudermilk swallowed swords and advanced to the quarterfinals. You heard that right, the Season 15 phenom swallowed various swords and walked away unscathed. His second act consisted of pulling judge Heidi Klum’s card out of his mouth once it was shot across the stage by a crossbow. The shocking magic act was enough to get him to the semifinals.

4. Mat Franco 

We have to give respect where respect is due. Season 9 winner Mat Franco became the first magician to win America’s Got Talent. The judges and the audience fell in love with Mat’s personality, humor, and magic skills. Now performing live shows in Las Vegas, Mat is known for his sleight-of-hand magic. 

3. The Clairvoyants 

Austrian magic duo The Clairvoyants won over fans with their mentalism performances. The wildly popular magicians earned second place during Season 11. Somehow, they were able to create mentalist illusions throughout the season. The duo was able to predict how many jelly beans the judges picked and even make predictions based on the memories from the judges. The team returned for America’s Got Talent: Champions, but was eliminated during the preliminary round.

2. The Sacred Riana

In Season 13, The Sacred Riana terrified the judges and the audience with her dark magic. Her stage persona was just as frightening as the magic acts that she performed. The breakout star was so successful that a horror movie based on her character was announced shortly after her rise to fame. Anyone who can silence Cowell is bound to be a top contender. 

1. Dustin Tavella 


Dustin Tavella uses magic to connect with people and to inspire. That approach to magic earned him the championship on Season 16. Dustin became just the third magician to win the competition show. With Dustin, the audience and viewers were introduced to a different kind of magician, one who would make them cry during his magic act.

With the help from the judges, Dustin’s first performance told the story of the day he adopted his son. His heartwarming moments and inspiring story helped him win the audience’s heart and the championship this latest season. You can now see him live in the America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Residency.

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