The Sacred Riana Finally Speaks Out…Kind Of

Julia Delbel
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One of the biggest breakout stars of the Got Talent franchise in the past year or so has without a doubt been illusionist The Sacred Riana.

The horror magician – who hails from Indonesia – went viral online after winning last year’s edition of Asia’s Got Talent, and again after competing on Season 13 of America’s Got Talent this past summer. While she didn’t get as far on the American program (on which she finished in the quarter-finals) Riana’s career seems to be doing just fine, with an upcoming movie about the character recently announced.

Earlier this week, Indonesian media outlet The Jakarta Post released a new video featuring Riana on their YouTube channel. It features an interview which turned out to be a rare occasion of Riana actually speaking while responding to the questions (albeit very quietly, with one- or two-word answers).

That alone should be enough for Riana fans to watch the video, but it’s followed up by a segment of Riana performing an illusion featuring candles and cards with the interviewer. And of course, it’s as creepy as ever. You can check out the full video below!

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