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‘American Idol’ Snubs Former Finalist Avalon Young Amid Cancer Fight

Avalon Young on 'American Idol'American Idol/FOX

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In an attempt to prove that it might be sweeter the second time around, former American Idol finalist Avalon Young auditioned for the show once more. However, it seems that the series doesn’t see the artist’s star factor this time.

Avalon Young Wanted a “Second Chance” on American Idol

Back in 2020, Young was diagnosed with brain cancer upon a series of seizures. As stated by the musician, the doctors were telling her that her sickness was just anxiety.

“I had blood work done and a bunch of mental tests and everything was coming back fine, until my mom finally convinced me to get an MRI. Honestly, that MRI saved my life,” she said.

According to her GoFundMe page, the Idol alum underwent three brain surgeries in 2021. This medical process was still apart from her radiation, chemotherapy, and a trial drug called CB 839. Intending to shrink her tumor and hinder the cancer from spreading, Young endured monthly chemotherapy sessions in pill form throughout 2022. This treatment ended in January 2023.

In the same GoFundMe page, her mom Kristen wrote that Young will need an MRI every three months to monitor the remaining tumor “for the rest of her life.”

Now that Young is 28 years old, she doesn’t have any plans of giving up on her dreams. Back in November 2022, the singer revealed that she advanced through American Idol virtual auditions.

“Thought second chances like this couldn’t come up,” she wrote on Twitter and Instagram.

Feeling a sense of hope, Young was obviously more determined to win this season. However, it looks like American Idol doesn’t have enough space for the former series finalist at this time.

She Says She Almost Didn’t Make It to Hollywood Week

After the show concluded its audition episodes, Young’s fans were confused why she didn’t have an appearance. Nonetheless, she tried to comfort them, stating that she successfully made it through the first round and she might appear during Hollywood Week.

However, American Idol still failed to feature Young during the first Hollywood Week episode. The following day, she posted a photo on her Instagram Stories, revealing that she had been eliminated from the competition. According to the singer, the judges barely let her through Hollywood Week. Nevertheless, Young clarified that she doesn’t have any grudges.

“y’all be so upset in my dm’s about not going thru but BRUH,” she wrote. “Don’t u remember the season we went top 8?! u guys put me there and we’re ALWAYS gonna have that moment.”

She concluded her Instagram Story, stating that American Idol is now eyeing a different generation now, and it might not be her time. As stated by the musician, she met several people who deserve to advance in the competition like her.

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