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‘Alter Ego’ Prediction: Who Will Win the Show’s First Season?

Alter Ego finaleGreg Gayne/FOX

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Alter Ego will return tonight for the season finale, as the show’s first winner is finally crowned. In case you didn’t know, Alter Ego is a new show on FOX that puts an interesting twist on the classic singing competition format.

The show’s contestants design their own avatar or “Alter Ego.” They control the avatar’s movements from backstage while they perform. The winner of this season will receive $100,000, as well as the mentorship of the show’s celebrity judges — Alanis Morissette, Grimes, Nick Lachey, and Will.i.am.

The show’s finale will air Wednesday night after The Masked Singer. We’ll find out which of the remaining singers will take home the grand prize and be named a “digital superstar,” to borrow the show’s favorite phrase.

What Can We Expect from the ‘Alter Ego’ Finale?

Four contestants still remain in the competition after the Semifinals — Night Journey, Misty Rose, Dipper Scott, and Seven. Both Dipper Scott and Misty Rose made it straight through to the finale thanks to the judges keeping them on the diamond, while Night Journey and Seven were saved from elimination.

It’s not clear at this point exactly how the winner will be determined. Throughout the show, contestants have made it through by either being kept on the coveted “diamond” by the judges until the end of the episode, by being voted through by the audience, or by being saved from elimination by the judges.

However, with only one out of four contestants being named the winner this week, there’s unlikely to be a diamond or a judges’ save. It’s likely that the winner will be chosen either exclusively by the audience, or by a combination of audience and judge votes. That could definitely affect the outcome.



Which Alter Ego Will Win the First Season?

One of the frontrunners this season is Night Journey, aka Israa Darwich. She’s definitely unique, but I’m personally not a big a fan of her tone of voice, and I’ve disagreed with the judges’ choice to save her twice this season. If it was up to the judges alone to decide, I’d say Night Journey was probably a shoe-in to win. However, the audience vote might make things harder for her.

Misty Rose (aka Samaera Hirsch) probably has the most mass appeal out of the remaining singers. Her avatar is a colorful Katy Perry-esque character that looks amazing on stage, and she belts out songs with a classic pop star voice. However, despite her undeniable talent, she’s not as unique as her competitors, and that’s a pretty big factor on this show that might put her at a disadvantage.

Then there’s Dipper Scott (aka Jacob Thomsen), another unique artist who brings emotion to every song he sings and has captured the judges’ hearts. Despite this, I think he’s probably the least likely to take home the prize. The female artists have really dominated this competition, and the finale is no different.

If I had to choose an Alter Ego winner, it would be Seven, aka Kyara Tetrault. When it comes to what this show is all about, she’s the complete package. Her deep voice is like no one else’s, and her androgynous avatar fits it perfectly. The fact that her voice doesn’t match her real-life appearance embodies the spirit of the show. She also gives really interesting performances without sacrificing technique.

Considering the audience has voted Seven through twice this season (once after her audition and once in a tie-breaker during the Head-to-Head round), she probably has a good chance to win the whole thing.

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2 years ago

Ha… Kinda funny that your “least likely to win” is the winner. Dipper was BY FAR the best singer in this competition. Thinking maybe you have a bit of a gender bias in your listening skills

Last edited 2 years ago by Anonymous

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