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‘AGT’ Recap: Sofia Vergara Hits Golden Buzzer for Hypnotizing Dance Act

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America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned on Tuesday night for another episode of auditions, as judge Sofia Vergara hit the Golden Buzzer for Mayyas Dance Crew. The episode also featured some amazing auditions from young performers, as well as several comedians.

Sofia Vergara Hits ‘AGT’ Golden Buzzer for Mayyas Dance Crew

At the end of the night, Mayyas Dance Crew took the stage for a mesmerizing performance. The all-female dance group hails from Lebanon, and they and were inspired to audition by former contestant Nightbirde, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

They said wanted to “hypnotize” the judges, and asked that the panel sit closer together to get the best experience. The group went on to showcase a beautiful dance routine, with all of the dancers flawlessly in sync with each other.

The judges gave the Mayyas a standing ovation, as Vergara called it the “most beautiful, creative dancing I’ve ever seen.” Simon Cowell suggested that they might be the best dance act they’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent.

Before the judges could vote, Vergara cut in to say that she wants to “be part of this,” hitting the Golden Buzzer to send the Mayyas straight to the live shows. This is the fourth Golden Buzzer so far this season. Heidi Klum is now the only judge who hasn’t hit it.


Young Contestants Wow the Judges

Some of the best acts from Tuesday night’s show came from young performers. First, 17-year-old Ethan Jan showed off some amazing Rubik’s cube skills, at one point riding a unicycle and juggling several cubes while he solved another with one hand.

Then 19-year-old Kristen Cruz took the stage to display a powerhouse voice on a cover of “I See Red” by Everybody Loves an Outlaw. Klum told her, “I want your voice,” while Cowell called her “seasoned.”

Another young singer, 20-year-old Kieran Rhodes, talked about being a self-taught musician who got accepted into Berklee College of Music. At first, he started performing a Billy Joel song, but Cowell stopped him and asked him to sing an original. He performed an emotional song he wrote called “Disengage,” inspiring Howie Mandel to call him a star.

Later in the show, the Cline Twins (16-year-old brothers named Connor and Carson) showed off hockey tricks. They balanced the puck on their sticks, never letting it hit the ground even as they performed complex moves. All of these young performers earned four “yes” votes from the judges to move on.


Some Comedians Fared Better Than Others

Tuesday night’s show also featured several comedy acts, including stand-up comic Connor King, who got a lukewarm reaction with awkward jokes about his dad dealing drugs. The panel’s resident comedian Howie Mandel voted “no,” but the other judges gave Connor a chance to move on.

Connor watched from the wings as fellow stand-up Lace Larrabee performed her own set. She had a natural sense of humor even when she wasn’t performing. At one point, Vergara instinctively responded to her as she told jokes, and she didn’t miss a beat. Mandel was impressed, and she earned four “yes” votes.

Another comedian who impressed the judges was British stand-up act Chris James, who bonded with Cowell over their similar backgrounds. Later, Justin Rupple delivered impressions of celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Reynolds, talking the audience through his process in a unique performance.

America’s Got Talent Season 17 auditions continue next Tuesday night on NBC. Let us know in the comments below which act from this week was your favorite.

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