Who Is Chris Kläfford? 10 Facts About The Swedish Idol Who’s Taking ‘America’s Got Talent’ By Storm

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Chris Kläfford is one of the standout musicians from Season 14 of America’s Got Talent. Before he performs in the quarterfinals this week, let’s learn a bit more about this talented Swedish singer-songwriter.

How Old Is Chris Kläfford?

Chris is 30 years old. He was born on April 10, 1989, in Ramsberg, Sweden. During his AGT audition, Chris joked that almost everyone in his small town growing up was part of his family.

Chris Klafford’s best covers of all times.

Chris Kläfford Won Swedish Idol

In 2017, Chris was crowned the winner of Season 13 of Swedish Idol, Sweden’s version of American Idol. During his time on the competition, he covered everyone from Swedish House Mafia to Chris Isaak.

Christoffer Klafford on Swedish Idol

Watch Chris Kläfford’s Idol Auditions

It took several tries for Chris to make it to the winning spot on Swedish Idol. He auditioned for the show several times, in 2010, 2014, and 2017. You can see a compilation of his auditions in the video above.

Chris clearly grew into his talent over the years. As one YouTube commenter joked, “The longer his beard got, the better his music got.”

Chris Had Musical Success In Sweden

As winner of Swedish Idol, Chris reportedly had three top 5 singles on national radio in one year, as well as 35 million streams. You can listen to Chris’ music on Spotify, where he currently has over 700,000 monthly listeners.

Who Is Chris Kläfford’s Partner?

Chris has been with his girlfriend, Swedish photographer Bob Linger, for six years. She frequently shares photos of Chris on her Instagram page. Chris recently posted a sweet photo of the two of them, along with the lyrics to a song he co-wrote.

“On your darkest days / When you’re black and blue / If your body falters / I will carry you,” part of the lyrics to “Safe Place” read.

Chris Klafford’s Safe Place

Chris Kläfford Auditions For AGT

Chris’ tender acoustic rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” had the AGT audience (and judges) in tears during his audition. Chris had previously performed the song on Swedish Idol.

“I felt your heart, and I felt your passion,” Julianne Hough told him. “And that’s what art is.” Simon Cowell also praised him for putting his own spin on the song.

Chris Klafforf for AGT Auditions

Chris Is A Talented Songwriter

During the Judge Cuts on this season of AGT, Chris performed an original song called “Something Like Me.” He said that it’s about people’s tendency to judge him based on his appearance.

“When you throw your songwriting abilities on top of that, you’re taking a gamble. That gamble paid off,” Howie Mandel told him, calling it a step up from his audition.

Chris Kläfford On Tour With Gyllene Tider

Chris recently toured with the Swedish band Gyllene Tider as part of their farewell tour of Sweden and Norway this summer. The tour ended on August 10, 2019. Check out Chris’ upcoming live performances here.

He Knows He Looks Like Thor in Endgame

Chris got wind of all the Thor comparisons after his appearance on AGT, and he’s been a great sport about it. For example, check out the above edit his girlfriend Bob made him, in which Thor’s hammer is replaced by his guitar. “So… you figured it out did you?!” he wrote on Instagram.

When Does Chris Kläfford Return To AGT?

Chris will perform on this Tuesday’s new AGT live show, at 8/7c on NBC. If you’re a fan of his music and want him to go to the semifinals, be sure to vote for him. We’re looking forward to seeing his latest performance.

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