The Four

VIDEO: ‘The Four’s Zhavia Teases New Single, “Deep Down”

In an Instagram Live video today, Zhavia from season one of The Four teased her new single, “Deep Down.” Though she said it was going to be just a “sneak peek,” she ended up playing a whole verse and the chorus. Oops! But it’s definitely a banger. Take a listen for yourself here:

Someone needs to teach Jenna how to pause music! (But personally I’m glad she didn’t end the sneak peek sooner so no complaints here.) And not gonna lie, I was dancing along with everyone in the studio! This is the kind of music I was hoping to hear from Zhavia.

With all the positive feedback Zhavia received for her first single “Candlelight,” I expect nothing less for “Deep Down.” I would argue that “Deep Down” is sounding like it will even one-up her debut single! It’s definitely more upbeat and something I could imagine hearing on the radio. Since Zhavia is a young talent and new to the music scene, it is reassuring to know that she’s working with producers who know how to handle her unique voice. Big props to Columbia Records for making it happen!

Zhavia closes the video by saying:

“Well I hope you guys enjoyed that. Be on the lookout because it is coming out soon! There’s a music video and everything. We shot it here in London and it’s super dope.”

So it sounds like the “Deep Down” release and music video will be coming sooner than later! I, for one, can’t wait to hear the full track. And I can’t be the only one!