Is ‘X Factor UK Winner Alexandra Burke Going TO Replace Nicole Scherzinger?

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap


OK, this is getting hard to keep up with now. First there were reports that Nicole Scherzinger wanted to leave The X Factor UK to concentrate on her music. Then she seemed to contradict that…sort of. Then everyone was saying that Cheryl was coming to take her slot but then Cheryl signed on for the new dance show The Greatest Dancer. Now the rumor is that they are talking to X Factor champ Alexandra Burke

If you remember Alexandra she won the big prize way back in 2008. She was mentored by none other than Cheryl herself, so I guess it’s kind of fitting that she would take the spot that she was kinda sorta not really up for. One thing is for sure, (well…not for sure but looks likely), is that Nicole won’t be back. They are obviously looking to replace her. The ratings of The X Factor have been steadily going down for years and the producers and Simon Cowell are looking for any way to boost ratings. But is Nicole really the problem?

The thing they need to look at is that the show last season was overstuffed with mini-games, new rules, and wacky segways that went nowhere. They need to streamline the show but I seriously doubt if getting rid of Nicole is the solution. But don’t worry, the news about who will be on The X Factor UK is sure to change again.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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