‘The X Factor UK’ Premieres With Its Lowest Ratings Ever

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It’s no secret that The X Factor UK has been struggling the last few years in the ratings. The venerable show has been hemorrhaging viewers to Strictly Come Dancing. This is why producer Simon Cowell changed the judge’s panel and tweaked the gameplay. But did it pay off? Not so far.

The X Factor UK premiered this past weekend with its lowest numbers for a premiere ever in the show’s history. On Saturday they got a 34% share which is about 5.7 million viewers. This is not good news for Simon and the gang. ITV has repeatedly said that they have no plans to cancel the show. They respect it as a British tradition or something. But networks lie all the time, take my word for it.

People are certainly downloading the songs off iTunes so someone is watching the show. The thing is they might be watching it online which isn’t counted in the ratings. If I were Simon, I would be concerned.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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