‘The X Factor UK’ Finale Pulls In Its Lowest Ratings Ever

Simon Cowell was seen celebrating last night when his boys Rak-Su took the top prize at the finals of The X Factor UK beating out early favorite Grace Davies. But it wasn’t all smiles the next day for old Simon when the ratings came in. The finals, which usually draws a big viewing audience, had the lowest numbers in the history of the show for a finale.

The X Factor only pulled in 4.4 million viewers. This is compared to their biggest rival of the night, Strictly Come Dancing, which got 9.9 million viewers. What does this mean for Simon, Sharon, Nicole, and Louis? Well, as far as next year goes they are probably safe. ITV said it’s sticking by the show at least for another year. That must be a relief for the people who’ve worked on the show for over a decade.

Still, it’s not good. This is in spite of the fact that the songs from the show are doing well on the charts. It’s also despite The X Factor winning the youth demographic. Simon was able to save his chestnuts this time but.. the chances of the show going past two more seasons, seem pretty low.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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